‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Rocks Out at CMA Fest: PHOTOS

by Suzanne Halliburton

How do you best celebrate an American Idol win? If you’re Noah Thompson, you head to Nashville to soak in CMA Fest.

Thompson stepped to the stage during Jimmie Allen’s set Friday. He sang his debut single, “One Day Tonight. The American Idol social media account touted the appearance of this year’s champion. The tweet said Thompson “wowed the crowd at CMA Fest.”

American Idol Champion Helped Kick Off First Day of CMA Fest

On Thursday, CMA Fest kicked off its four-day run in downtown Nashville. And country music fans are ready for a good time. The Covid pandemic forced the festival cancellation in 2020 and 2021.

But this weekend, thousands of fans will gather to hear the biggest names in country music. (Click it here for some Outsider recs if you’re lucky enough to be in Nashville this weekend). And who knows, maybe Noah Thompson will have his own set at the fest sometime soon. Judging by his Instagram posts, the American Idol winner is having a glorious time in Nashville.

He wrote: “I’m feeling so blessed. Honestly, what is this life?”

Thompson Sang at Bluebird Cafe Earlier in Week

Earlier in the week both Thompson and American Idol runnerup HunterGirl participated in a writers roundtable at the iconic Blue Bird cafe. Thompson performed an acoustic version of his new song.

“Honored to sit on a stage and sing ‘One Day Tonight’ with these legendary people at the famous Bluebird Café,” Thompson posted on social media.

Thompson met Jimmie Allen, face-to-face, this week. The two talked for the first time on a FaceTime call to work out the logistics for Thursday’s performance.

“Jimmie is awesome. He’s a really good dude,” Thompson told Music Mayhem this week. “He basically said for me to look at him as an older brother. He understands, he’s been in my shoes before, so he gets it and he wants to help me out in that way. So I appreciate him for that.”

Thompson won American Idol, May 22, in an all-country final. So this 20-year-old has had less than three weeks to absorb this life change. Before the reality show, he was a small-town Kentucky construction worker who had a young son. Thompson also had an incredible voice, so a close friend entered his name for American Idol.

Thompson told Music Mayhem: “It’s kinda hard to believe that I’m down here doing all this. It’s just really fun.”

He released his first single in the days leading up to the American Idol finale. It’s a sweet song, as a young man talks about all that he wants to do for his true love.

Thompson sings: “She wants a wedding in September / Save up all winter / Spend our summers in a fixer-upper in Denver / She wants a girl and a boy / And a old dog named Ole Roy / Lord I hope this old boy can give her that life / So go on girl / Pour a glass of wine / And dream aloud, talk about / One day tonight.”