‘American Idol’s Leah Marlene Announces Homecoming Show With ‘Special Guest’

by Leanne Stahulak

“American Idol” star Leah Marlene surprised fans yesterday with an announcement about a homecoming show in Normal, Illinois.

That’s where Marlene is from, and where she’ll be staying for only a few more days before moving out to Los Angeles. The “American Idol” star announced the move in a post earlier this week, saying she’s heading to Europe next week and moving to L.A. the week afterward. Likely to work on her music career.

But before she hits up the West Coast, Marlene wants to pay homage to her Midwestern hometown by hosting a homecoming show. She announced some of the details yesterday in a hilarious baseball-themed video.

At the start of the video, we see Marlene line up for a pitch that strikes the batter out. She then whirls around toward the camera and says, “I’m back, baby! It is time for a homecoming show in Normal, Illinois.”

The “American Idol” star added, “We are going all out. It’s gonna be a huge production, I’m gonna have a full band, and it’s gonna be the best night of music. I’m gonna be bringing some very special guests. I’ll be announcing one of them and some more information about how you can get your hands on some tickets tomorrow at 2 p.m. CST. So stay tuned to my socials and comment down below who you think the special guest is! One winner will receive two tickets and a meet and greet opportunity with yours truly.”

Marlene will drop the info about the location, time, and date of the homecoming show later today. The “American Idol” star concluded, “Guys, it’s gonna be the best night ever. I’m so excited, get hyped!”

See the adorable video for yourself below.

Could the Special Guest Be Fellow ‘American Idol’ Star Fritz Hager?

Several fans took to the comments of “American Idol” star Leah Marlene’s post to guess who her special guest will be. Many fans all agreed on one person: Fritz Hager, who made it into the Top 10 with Marlene.

There’s no doubt that this season’s “American Idol” class grew closer thane ever over the course of the show. Many still remain in touch and meet up regularly when they can. Earlier, Marlene told Hollywood Life that fans can expect to see her and Hager working together in the near future.

“You’ll definitely be hearing from the duo of Leah and Fritz,” Marlene told the outlet. “There’s lots more in the future to come. We’re both just trying to figure out the next steps for us retrospectively right now, but there will be Leah and Fritz content. Lots of it.”

Perhaps that first glimpse of content will be Marlene’s homecoming show.