Amy Grant Fans Wish the Singer Well After Bike Accident Left Her in the Hospital

by Megan Molseed

Contemporary Christian music artist Amy Grant and wife of country music star Vince Gill was injured yesterday afternoon in a bicycle accident near Nashville’s Harpeth Hills Golf Course. According to reports, Grant fell off her bike while she was riding near the course with a friend along Old Hickory Boulevard. Thankfully, the singer was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Now, fans are reaching out to the singer, sending her well-wishes as she heals from her accident. One fan of the Christian artist responded to a July 27 Twitter post from the singer on which Amy Grant shares a book written by Annie Downs that she is reading titled Chase The Fun: 100 Days To Discover Fun Right Where You Are.

“Good morning Amy,” the Twitter user writes on the post.

“Just wanted to let you know [thousands] of folks are praying for your speedy recovery,” the fan continues.

The fan then adds a message of “hugs, love and prayers” for Amy Grant. Signing off with a caring “God Bless You.”

One fan responds to a Twitter report by an outlet reporting the Wednesday accident. “Praying for speedy recovery @amygrant,” the fan says in the message to the 61-year-old grammy winning singer. Another Twitter user sent a message to the Baby Baby singer saying how glad they are to hear she is okay.

Fans Respond To Social Media Reports Of Amy Grant’s Wednesday Bicycle Accident

One fan of the longtime singer notes that they learned of Grant’s accident in a Facebook post. She then sends prayers to the artist, commenting “Prayers, of course, going up!”

“Oh my if true…” comments another Amy Grant fan. The fan then adds a touching message, sending good thoughts and prayers toward the artist, praying for her to “heal up.”

Amy Grant Was Treated For Injuries Including Cuts And Abrasions

After the accident, Amy Grant was taken by ambulance to the Vanderbilt Medical Center. She was then treated by the medical teams at the emergency room. Grant suffered cuts and abrasions as a result of the accident. Her medical teams report the singer is in stable condition.

This isn’t Grant’s first health scare in recent years. In 2020, Grant was diagnosed with PAPVR, also known as partial anomalous pulmonary venous return. This condition is a birth defect known to affect the veins that return blood from the lungs. With this condition, the patient’s veins do not properly meet the left atrium. The artist underwent open heart surgery to correct the condition in the summer of 2020.