Billy Idol Sets Release Date for New EP

by Chris Piner

As a result of the punk rock scene in London, the world was introduced to singer and songwriter Billy Idol. Taking over London as the lead singer of Generation X, Idol soon embarked on his own solo career that led him to helm the Second British Invasion on MTV. After disbanding, in 1981, the singer moved to New York City, where he met with guitarist Steve Stevens, who helped shape his hit album, Billy Idol, in 1982. With the album a commercial success, music videos like White Wedding and Dancing With Myself helped shape the new MTV as the hub for all things music. Now, over 40 years later, Idol continues to entertain fans with the announcement of his latest album Cage and a new tour.

Although Cage is scheduled for a September release, a single from Billy Idol will drop on August 17, giving a sample of what fans should be in store for. Collaborating with Dhani Harrison of Dark Horse Records, Dhani admitted that the pairing might appear confusing to some, but his father, George, was a massive fan of Idol. “My dad was a Billy Idol fan. One time we were watching ‘Beavis and Butt-head’ and they played ‘Dancing with Myself,’ and I remember my dad loving Billy and Beavis and Butt-head.”

Working with Steve Stevens once again, Billy Idol spoke about the partnership and friendship that flourished over the last 4 decades. “These new songs are celebratory because Steve and I are enjoying ourselves. It’s kind of wild to still be making music we’re excited about.”

Billy Idol Expands Far Beyond Music

As for Steve Stevens, he explained how both he and Billy Idol view music as a journey. “We both grew up on The Beatles where every song and album were completely different. Billy and I both see music as a bit of a journey.  There’s a method to our madness, but at the same time, we throw away the formula and try other approaches. There are no rules. It’s just two guys with acoustic guitars and let’s see what we got.”

On top of a new tour and album, Billy Idol revealed he was working closely with director Jonas Akerlund on a documentary. For those who might not know of Akerlund, he won a Grammy and even worked alongside Madonna on Ray of Light. And if that wasn’t enough, this Fall, the 76-year-old will resume his Las Vegas residency. 

Speaking on the upcoming documentary, Akerlund shared how the documentary blossomed from reading the 2015 biography about Billy Idol called Dancing With Myself. “I told Billy, ‘This is a film… We need to tell this story. What incredible timing Billy has had in his career. He was there when punk-rock happened in London, then moved to New York just as MTV was exploding, and now he’s in Los Angeles. I personally love his story, the incredible events in his life. And the music has touched so many people.”