Blake Shelton Teases New Show ‘Barmageddon’ With Carson Daly

by Joe Rutland

Nashville favorite Blake Shelton has a new TV show coming out with Carson Daly called Barmageddon and he’s getting people into it. Shelton, who owns the Ole Red Bar in Music City, U.S.A., decided to throw up a little tease about the new show. He popped up on his Twitter account and dropped a rather cryptic message. Sure, Blake, we don’t know what is about to happen…but you do. Right?

Maybe Shelton, who is one of the country music world’s most talented artists, wants to keep us guessing. Anyway, here’s the tease for Barmageddon. In the show’s Instagram account, which only has one post – this one, former WWE pro wrestler Nikki Bella also is mentioned, too. Bella will be the host of the show. Take a look and see what Shelton is sharing with his many fans and followers.

Blake Shelton Is All Ready To Watch People Participate In ‘Barmageddon’

Back in May, news broke about this celebrity-infused game show. Of course, Shelton and Daly know one another from their long connection with The Voice. Daly also had a long-running late-night TV show on NBC. Nowadays, these two are working together, along with Bella, on Barmageddon. Shelton had this to say when the original announcement about this show was made.

“Nashville is known for great music and hospitality, which makes it the perfect setting,” Shelton said. “I’m excited about Barmageddon and can’t wait for friends, old and new, to join my buddy Carson and me for some drinks, music, and high-spirited fun at Ole Red.” Fans were definitely excited to see Shelton’s tweet and messaged that they were now following the show’s account. Barmageddon has both Twitter and Instagram accounts. Look for those to fill up with a lot of fun and hijinx related to the USA Network show.

Daly also is looking forward to the show, too, according to Deadline. “I wanted to create a show where the audience feels like they’re hanging out with us in Nashville; having a drink and cheering on friends as they compete in the ultimate test of athleticism and endurance — bar games!” he said. Among those bar games are Sharts (or “Shelton Darts”), Air Cannon Cornhole, Keg Curling, and much more. It all sounds like so much fun. Imagine getting a chance to hang out at the Ole Red with Blake and his buddies. Sounds like a dream come true. For this show, as we said, celebrities will be playing the games. Yet it doesn’t mean that you cannot go by the Ole Red and check it out if you are in Nashville. Go enjoy yourself and see what all the fuss is about.