Blake Shelton’s ‘Come Back As A Country Boy’ Music Video Flagged On TikTok For ‘Sensitive Content’

by Shelby Scott

CGI has drastically changed the way music videos are made compared to the occasionally cringe-worthy clips of the ’90s. However, while it has given us some impressive and moving narratives in the past, Blake Shelton‘s creative team had a little too much fun making the video for “Come Back As A Country Boy” because it was flagged on TikTok.

Last week, the “Ol’ Red” singer shared a behind-the-scenes look at the clip on his professional account. There, he posted the video’s official cut as well as the events of the actual recording session side by side. In going behind the scenes of “Come Back As A Country Boy,” The Voice coach revealed that he was not, in fact, doused in flames for the sake of the music video. See the strange imagery below.

@blakeshelton Still one of our favorite videos… What’s your favorite part? -Team BS #behindthescenes #countrymusic ♬ Come Back As A Country Boy – Blake Shelton

The first moments of the TikTok reel are, probably, the most disturbing scenes in the video. There, we find Blake Shelton emerging, on fire, from a pile of burning wood. CinemaBlend posited that it wasn’t anything offensive about the video that got it flagged on social media. Instead, it was probably the “sensitive” imagery showing Blake Shelton from the fire like something out of a horror film.

The comments following the post were almost as hysterical as the behind-the-scenes clip itself. One Blake Shelton fan wrote, “Lmao love the sensitivity warning before watching this video,” while another joked, “You weren’t actually on fire?”

Luke Bryan Fires Shots at Blake Shelton During Las Vegas Residency

I hope Luke Bryan doesn’t see the music video for “Come Back As A Country Boy.” Because, if he does, he’ll surely serve up some red-hot sarcasm about Blake Shelton’s fictional rise from the ashes. After all, during his Las Vegas residency, the “Country On” singer had zero qualms about roasting Blake Shelton‘s hits, or, in his opinion, lack thereof.

In a moderately popular TikTok video, one Luke Bryan fan caught the country music megastar dishing out some comical jibes at his buddy Blake Shelton. Check out the full clip here.

Launching into his own rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Home,” the 45-year-old singer said, “Well, that’s a Michael Bublé song that Blake stole.” He then joked, “I don’t know Blake’s s—t, y’all sing it.”

After another moment, the five-time Entertainer of The Year Award winner joked, “I don’t know two Blake Shelton songs. What’s a good Blake Shelton song?” to which one critical fan apparently shouted, “There isn’t one,” making the country star chuckle.

Fortunately, these guys go back a long way. Additionally, Blake Shelton, at 6-foot-5, is more than capable of holding his own against Luke Bryan. Nevertheless, we love to see our favorite country stars poking fun at each other just as everyday Outsiders do.