Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker’s Mystery Illness Revealed

by Emily Morgan

Famed rocker Travis Barker is in the hospital because he has pancreatitis, per reports from TMZ. His doctors believe he contracted the painful illness after undergoing a colonoscopy. 

According to sources close to the Blink-182 drummer, his recent hospitalization resulted from a condition that causes inflammation of the pancreas. Symptoms associated with pancreatitis include nausea, intense stomach pain, and vomiting. 

While we’re not clear on when the music icon underwent the colonoscopy, it’s safe to assume it was recent. On Tuesday, his new wife and reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian, accompanied Barker to a Los Angeles hospital. He was later transported by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. 

Recently, Barker’s 16-year-old daughter, Alabama, posted and deleted a pic of her dad in the hospital while he was in a hospital bed, though fans didn’t know how serious his illness was at the time. 

Later, fans continued to speculate after the 46-year-old cryptically tweeted, “God save me.” 

After the worrisome tweet, it was nothing but crickets from Barker’s family, leaving his fans’ heads spinning. In addition, fans quickly pointed out that his 18-year-old son had recently performed alongside Machine Gun Kelly at Madison Square Gardens on Tuesday night. 

Going back to the cryptic tweet, “God Save Me” is also the title of a song Barker produced for fellow musician and friend Machine Gun Kelly. Together, they released the song in March. 

Fans speculated on Travis Barker’s mystery diagnosis before illness revealed

Fans later speculated that the tweet was about the Machine Gun Kelly song. In addition, it could also be about the rocker’s new documentary, Life in Pink, which you can now stream on Hulu. With all the news circulating around the internet about Barker’s illness, the “Emo Girl” singer has yet to publicly comment on his friend’s scary stint in the hospital. 

On Tuesday night, MGK performed a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden with Landon. After the performance, Landon shared videos of himself performing Machine Gun Kelly’s song “Die in California.” He also shared videos of the show. However, he didn’t comment on his dad’s illness. 

After the show, he later went to an after-party at a restaurant in New York City. 

With no new information coming in, some were left to assume that he suffered complications from his past injuries. 

In 2008, the rocker came face-to-face with death when he was in a fatal plane crash. The crash left him with severe burns all over his body. When it was all said and done, the musician had undergone 16 surgeries.

Fans also theorized that Barker was suffering from COVID-19. On June 23rd, Kardashian announced that she had just recovered from COVID-19 for a second time. As a result, fans speculated that Barker had also contracted the virus.