Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Claims He Got the Government to Reveal Existence of UFOs

by Craig Garrett

The truth is out there, and pop-punk music icon Tom DeLonge insists he was instrumental in getting the Government to admit that UFOs are real. Blink-182 co-founder, singer, and guitarist Tom Delonge recently joined Steve-O on the Steve-O’s Wild Ride Podcast. During the interview, Tom DeLonge says he has been studying UFOs “for like 20 years.” In 2015 he founded To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences. Aside from entertainment productions, the company has aerospace and science divisions dedicated to ufology and fringe science.  

“I think that there’s two things that really strike me as crazy about the development with UFOs,” Steve-O said. “Number one, it’s crazy that the government is all of a sudden just sort of saying ‘yeah, UFOs are real!’ … Like the government (is) acknowledging (it).” Tom DeLonge is quick to take credit for the revelation. “You know we did that? I did that,” he replied. “That’s why they’re doing that. I sound like a [jerk] when I say that but I’m like, that’s why. There’s a whole story here but keep going.”

The pair are baffled by the general disinterest of the public that the U.S. government revealed that UFOs are real. “It’s crazy to me that the government’s acknowledging UFOs are very real,” Steve-O goes on. “It’s even crazier that that news comes out and everyone’s like ‘oh, shrug.’” Tom Delonge agrees with Steve-O’s assessment. “That’s how a lot of us feel.”

How DeLonge got the attention of the world with his UFO research

Eventually, Tom DeLonge gets to how he got on the radar of the powers that be. “So what happened then was Hillary Clinton was running for Presidency, and John Podesta was her Campaign Manager. At the time, he was also Senior Advisor to Obama,” DeLonge revealed. “I was holding conversations with Podesta to get to Obama and I had two multi-star generals from Space Command and the head of Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works… Skunk Works built Area 51. So I had them all on this email like setting up these conference calls.”

Then, trouble hit for the diligent UFO researcher. “Clinton’s campaign got hacked by the Russians… Wikileaks,” Tom DeLonge detailed. This revealed wide that DeLonge had been in talks with elite leaders about UFOs, which worried the musician.” I’m out there erasing computers. I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

However, Tom DeLonge claims this was a positive turning point for his UFO research. “It gave me all of this credibility because then all of a sudden all these other people in the government knew that I was like hanging around with some big boys. So they all came out and said there’s a better way to do what you’re doing and then that’s when my company became something bigger.”

It was more than four years ago that the New York Times exposed a top-secret UFO study carried out at the Pentagon, and more than two years since the Navy acknowledged that video clips released by To The Stars Academy were genuine. When DeLonge quit Blink 182 to focus full-time on UFO research, he drew a lot of attention. However, when the Department of Defense officially released and made available for downloading those very videos that DeLonge posted through To The Stars, he was further justified.

If you really want to get into the weeds, this article from BroBible has a more complete transcript.