Boy Band’s Concert Halted After Giant Video Screen Falls on Dancers

by Samantha Whidden

Chaos reportedly erupted after two dancers were injured after a giant video screen fell down during a concert for the Hong Kong boy band Mirror. 

The South China Morning reports that the incident happened during the boy band’s concert in Hong Kong. One of the dancers involved suffered neck injuries and is in serious condition. Meanwhile, the other dancer suffered head injuries and is now in stable condition. Both dancers were reportedly conscious when they were transported to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Along with the two dancers, three fans of the boy band were also hospitalized after the giant video screen fell. One fan was feeling unwell and the other two were in shock. 

The New York Times further reports that one of the suspension cables attached to the measured 210 square feet had snapped. The incident is currently being investigated by Hong Kong authorities. John Lee, Hong Kong’s chief executive also issued a statement about what happened at the boy band’s concert. “I am shocked by the incident. I express sympathy to those who were injured and hope that they would recover soon.”

Lee also said that he has contacted the Secretary of Culture, Sports, and Tourism about the situation. “[I] instructed the Leisure and Cultural Services Department together with relevant departments to comprehensively investigate the incident,” he continued. “And review the safety requirements of similar performance activities in order to protect the safety of performers, working staff, and members of the public.”

Concert Organizer Apologizes Following Hong Kong Boy Band Show’s Screen Following Incident 

Meanwhile, the concert’s organizer MakerVille took to Instagram on Friday (July 29th) to apologize for what happened during boy band Mirror’s show in Hong Kong. The organizer stated the remaining shows of the 12-show tour are now canceled. This is a result of the incident. Refunds for the shows will also be issued. The band was performing its fourth show, which was sold out when the screen incident occurred.

South China Morning Post also reports that this isn’t the first incident that Mirror has dealt with this week. The boy band’s member Frank Chan Sui-fan actually fell off the stage during a performance on Tuesday (July 26th). He was notably giving a speech when he accidentally stepped off the edge of the stage and fell in front of the audience at the Hong Kong Coliseum in Hung Hom. While he was ok, fans have called for safety measures following that incident. An online petition about safety concerns of Mirror shows has also launched and so far has garnered thousands of signatures from the group’s fans. 

AP News further reports that Viu, the company that created and manages the boy band, has not responded to an emailed request for comment.