Brandi Carlile Responds to ‘Happy Days’ Star Henry Winkler After He Raved About Her Concert

by Alex Falls

Country music star Brandi Carlile is in the middle of her “Beyond These Silent Days” Tour. She’s performing to packed audiences on every stop of the tour, but over the weekend one of her shows was attended by legendary actor, Henry Winkler.

The former Happy Days star appears to be a big fan. He took to his popular Twitter account to voice his admiration for Carlile and her music.

“⁦@brandicarlile⁩ we opened our eyes this morning and simultaneously said ‘her talent knows NO bounds,'” Winkler posted. Still glowing from the music, Winkler posted again the next day, “I still can not get over this incredible concert!!!”

Carlile was so flattered by her famous fan that she had to respond to his Tweet with her own expression of love. She gratefully thanked him for attending and praised his bright spirit.

“You are an absolute light. What a spectacular man!! You made my day and continue to. I loved having you at that show,” Carlile wrote in her Tweet. Carlile also posted a look at her recent show at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles on her Instagram page.

“Heavy hearts in the city of Angels! Even still we found joy and Pride with one another. Thank you beloved @celissemusic and thank you dearest @marcusmumford. And thank you LA ….’oh gentle unbreakable you,'” she wrote alongside the gallery.

Henry Winkler’s Online Following

Winkler might not be a stranger to the world with his decades of acting in countless memorable roles. Between his big break as Fonzie and Happy Days, to his current award-winning turn on HBO’s Barry, Winkler has had a storied career. But he’s found new life as a darling of social media.

The actor has trended on Twitter for some eye-catching posts recently. Including a look at some of his recent river escapades.

Winkler even took on the next big challenge of his career: making a Tiktok video. His family helped him get an account up and running, but the star had one condition before agreeing to the new account. Tiktok has yet to verify his account, but he already has over 1 million followers and has posted many more photos and videos. Follow all of Winkler’s accounts to keep up with the busy actor and his popular online musings.