BRELAND Looks Back on the Road that Brought Him to Nashville

by Blake Ells

BRELAND is quickly becoming a household name among country music fans. The 27-year-old “My Truck” singer hasn’t even released his first full-length album. But Cross Country finally arrives on September 9.

He is part of the Grand Ole Opry NextStage program in 2022, spotlighting emerging artists in the genre. The program began in 2019 and it’s featured Lainey Wilson, Riley Green, Parker McCollum, Priscilla Block and Tenille Townes among others. This year’s class also features Morgan Wade and Elvie Shane. Ahead of the new album, BRELAND is offering fans a look at his journey to Nashville.

Check out the video from the Opry below.

“Nashville represents both the present and the future,” BRELAND says in the clip. “Nashville is a city that, in and of itself, is actively changing. So Cross Country as a movement is kind of a way of reapproaching country music and recognizing that country music has roots across a bunch of different genres. And none of them can exist without one another.”

Collaboration Has Been a Touchstone of BRELAND’S Young Career

Some of the earliest fans in BRELAND’S corner were folks like Keith Urban and Thomas Rhett. Urban first collaborated with BRELAND on “Throw it Back,” while Rhett joined him for “Praise the Lord.” The New Jersey native assures that those moments were vital to his growth as an artist.

“Collaborations are important for a few reasons,” BRELAND continues in the clip. “One, it gives me a chance – when I’m working with someone new – to learn how they create and see if there are things that I can be doing better or differently in my own creative process. So I’m reaching across the aisle to bring people with different perspectives together. I think the more we are able to break down those genre barriers where people don’t feel the need to ask, ‘What type of music is this?’ People just recognize, ‘Wow, this speaks to me. Or it doesn’t.’ – the better off we’ll all be.”

BRELAND then shares a video journey of his arrival to Music City. He first visits Keith Urban’s house. There, the seasoned veteran reveals his discovery of BRELAND.

“I knew BRELAND’S song called ‘My Truck’ and I really liked it,” Urban says. “I read an interview with him online and from the interview, I just thought, ‘I’d really love to meet this guy. I love the way he creates; the way he talks about music.”

BRELAND then recalls first hearing from Keith Urban.

“Honestly, the moment that Keith reached out to me and invited me to his house, we just hit it off,” he says.

“It was really flowing,” Urban adds. “Like, right from the second we sat down.”

The two also penned a track on Urban’s most recent album, The Speed of Now Part 1. The track is titled “Out the Cage.”