Bret Michaels Returns to Stage Following Hospitalization Due to ‘Medical Complication’

by Leanne Stahulak

Poison frontman Bret Michaels returned to the stage just a few days after being hospitalized for an unknown medical complication.

The 1980s rock band started their Stadium Tour a few weeks ago, jamming out along with Motley Crue, Joan Jett, and Def Leppard. But on Thursday, June 30, Poison had to cancel their portion of the show just minutes before taking the stage in Nashville. The band reported that Michaels had to be rushed to the hospital.

Bret Michaels has provided updates for fans since the unexpected hospital visit. Most recently, he posted a Twitter update from the stage in Jacksonville, Florida. The Poison frontman managed to recover well enough to perform for fans, though he did cancel the meet and greet portion of the visit.

“Jacksonville, #Florida fans in the pouring rain rocked my world. Seriously love you & sorry I was sick,” Michaels captioned the picture he posted. We see screaming fans filling up the stadium as Michaels smiles on stage.

Poison Frontman Says Doctors Recommend Rest

It’s good to see Bret Michaels in his element again, seeming not too worse for wear. He did post another update before the show so fans would not what to expect and not expect from Poison’s performance.

“To all my friends in Jacksonville,” the statement began. “In light of my recent medical situation and treatment, I’m very excited to try to attempt to bring all the positive energy, vocals, and give you all that I have on stage tonight. I promise, as always, to do the best I can and to give you all I got.”

Bret Michaels continued, “As for the awesome Poison meet and greet, you know I always give 1000% both during the meet and greet and on stage. Doctors have highly recommended that I continue to rest and try to save all the energy I can for the show. Therefore I will not be able to be at the meet and greet this evening. I encourage you to go see the other guys and enjoy the meet and greet.”

The Poison frontman concluded with, “Thank you for all your well wishes and understanding. Florida, you know I love you.”

Bret Michaels still managed to nail his Jacksonville performance, despite not feeling his greatest. And, for all intents and purposes, it appears he’s ready to continue with the Stadium Tour and not disappoint any more fans.

Bret Michaels Will Go On With the Show

Poison will next perform in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 5. Luckily, Bret Michaels has a few days to recover and focus on his health before having to rock out on stage again. For the full Stadium Tour schedule, check out the Instagram post below.