Carlos Santana Collapses Onstage Mid-Concert After ‘Severe Medical Emergency’

by Taylor Cunningham

Legendary classic rock guitarist Carlos Santana reportedly collapsed during his July 5th performance in Detroit, Michigan.

According to witnesses, Santana had been playing for nearly an hour at the Pine Knob Music Festival when he began to speak about his collaboration with Country artist Chris Stapleton titled Joy.

As he prepared to begin playing the song, he told the audience that it was “mystical medicine music to heal a world infected with fear.” But just as he and the band hit the first cords, Carlos Santana walked off stage, sat on a riser, and appeared to faint.

The concert immediately stopped. And members of the on-site medical staff rushed to his side. Then, the staff pulled a curtain around the guitarist to hide him from the audience while they assessed the situation.

Several minutes passed before someone finally addressed the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, we have a severe medical emergency,” they said. “Let’s share our prayers… We need it right now… Please send your light and love to this man.”

Carlos Santana was taken offstage on a stretcher about 20 minutes after his collapse.

There is no news about the musician’s current condition. But one fan did capture a video of Santana that shows him conscious and well enough to wave to the crowd as he was wheeled away from the event.

Carlos Santana Underwent an ‘Unscheduled Heart Procedure’ in December

Coincidentally, the “medical emergency” came only months after the 74-year-old underwent an “unscheduled heart procedure” that ended his most recent tour.

This past December, Santana told fans that he “had this thing happening in [his] chest” on November 27th. And it was severe enough to prompt his wife to take him to the hospital.

While there, doctors discovered something that concerned them. But Santana was vague about the diagnosis when he shared the news.

“So when we went there. We found out that I needed to take care of it,” he admitted.

Because of the procedure, Carlos Santana canceled seven concerts. However, he originally planned on finishing the last leg of the tour.

“I’m going to be taking time off for a little bit to make sure I replenish, and I rest and I catch up with my health so that when I play for you, I will play the way I’m used to and give you 150 percent.” 

Carlos Santana is a 10-time Grammy-winning American guitarist who rose to fame in with his band Santana in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He is most known for combining rock ‘n’ roll with Latin American jazz. 

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