Carly Pearce Hilariously Reveals Why Her Band Worries About Her Performances

by Chris Piner

While standing in front of thousands of screaming fans can make some musicians a little nervous, for Carly Pearce, large crowds are the least of her worries. Debuting back in 2011, the singer has spent over the last decade, writing major hits like Every Little Thing. That song alone secured her a record label and received the number one spot on the Billboard country chart. Performing on the “Here and Now Tour”, the country music artist of the year recently detailed what makes her band nervous when she walks on stage. 

Although having a deep love for music, Carly Pearce also shares a deep connection with shoes. But not just any shoes. She tends to gravitate towards boots and pairs with stylish heels. Not sounding out of the norm, according to a statement shared by her record label, the singer is somewhat of a “klutz”. 

Carly Pearce Shares What Her Band Worries About The Most

Recalling her band members’ worries, Pearce explained, “I can’t even explain to you. I wore heeled boots last weekend – and I start at the top of a staircase on my set – and every band member in my band knows what a klutz I am. And I have to walk down the stairs in my outfits and in my heels. And the looks on their face as I’m coming down. I’m like, ‘Y’all, I’m fine. I will not fall. I’m gonna be fine. Chill out.’ But, yeah, you gotta go a little slower.”

Taking time to remember how far she has come, Pearce performed at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The musician remembered what it was like to visit the venue as a fan. Not only being sold out, but Pearce honored her mother, sharing a picture of them on Instagram, writing, “My beautiful mama helped to make every one of my dreams true…so special having her with me last night as I played the venue she always told me I would one day!”

Dolly Parton Asked Pearce To Be A Member Of The Grand Ole Opry

Enjoying her time on stage, Carly Pearce posted a video on TikTok where she rattled off some interesting facts about herself. “Speaking of my love for classic country – I moved away when I was sixteen from my hometown in Kentucky to sing at Dollywood. The most full-circle moment happened to me last year, when Miss Dolly Parton herself asked me to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry.” She added, “Most people would think that because I’m a singer and an entertainer, I can sing in front of a bunch of people that I would be extremely extraverted, but I’m actually super shy and really introverted.”

Pearce was sure to note her struggle with OCD as well. “I have OCD about things so badly. For example, when I leave my house, I check my plugs and outlets and candles like eighteen times. I probably didn’t even light a candle in the last, like, four weeks – It still could be on. I have to take pictures to remember that I turned things off, and I still think that I didn’t unplug it and that there’s still a candle burning.”