Carly Pearce Names New Four-Legged Family Member After Country Music Icon

by Clayton Edwards

Carly Pearce is one of many newer country music artists who embraces the traditional country sound. She regularly gives nods to the greats that blazed trails for her and other young musicians. Additionally, Carly is an animal lover. Recently, those two things combined when she named her newest furbaby after her fellow Kentucky native and country icon Loretta Lynn.

According to iHeart Country, Carly Pearce recently added ‘Retta Lynn, a chocolate lab pup to her furry family. The new addition isn’t Carly’s only pet to carry the name of a country legend, though. In fact, she named all of her pets after greats. Before adding ‘Retta to the pack, Pearce had a pair of dogs named Johnny and June after country’s most iconic couple. Additionally, she had a cat named Emmylou, after Emmylou Harris. Now, she has four animals who carry the names of the genre’s greats.

Carly Pearce opened up about the new addition to her furry family in a statement. “’Retta Lynn is a little chocolate lab that my parents found,” she explained. She went on to say that she felt an immediate connection to her new pooch. “If you know about my journey, I had a childhood dog named Ginger, and I swear to you, this dog looks like Ginger reincarnated,” Pearce said. “We are all convinced that Ginger sent her. So, she had to join the family.”

Carly Pearce may have fallen immediately in love with ‘Retta Lynn, but June wasn’t so sure at first. “June, my little puppy didn’t really love ‘Retta Lynn at first. She’s like, ‘No, I don’t know about you.” Luckily, though, June warmed up to her new packmate. Now, Carly said, they’re best friends. “So, now we have just like a big ol’ Grand Ole Opry family.

This Isn’t the First Time Carly Pearce Paid Tribute to Loretta Lynn

Naming her beautiful new pooch after Loretta Lynn was sweet. However, this isn’t the first time that Carly Pearce has paid tribute to the Coal Miner’s Daughter. Pearce added a song called “Dear Miss Loretta” to her critically-acclaimed 2021 album 29: Written in Stone.

In the song, Carly Pearce talks about how Loretta Lynn’s music helped her get through her divorce from Michael Ray. The pain that she felt from the major loss gave her a new perspective on the music that Lynn made over the years. Lines like “I’m a long way from Kentucky / But the hurtin’s the same. / Now I know why you sang that way,” drive home the message and emotion of the song.

Last summer, Outsider took part in a press event with Carly Pearce. During the Q&A session, she revealed one of her biggest career goals. “I just really want to be a staple. I want ot be a household name. Like when you say Dolly and Loretta… I want you to say Carly and people know.”