Carly Pearce Opens Up About the Fan Interaction That Showed Her the Power of Music

by Clayton Edwards

Music is a powerful thing. It can bring thousands of people from diverse backgrounds together, it can change your mood or bring back memories. Music will move your feet and has the power to turn any small gathering into a party. Additionally, the right kind of music reaches deep into your heart and gives you the strength to go on when you need it the most. Carly Pearce recently talked about a fan interaction that showed her the power of her lyrics.

Everyone can have a favorite song or artist. However, that music has to make a huge impact to make a fan want to tattoo it on their bodies. Carly Pearce knows all about how personal and permanent tattoos are. She has a handful of small and meaningful tattoos of her own. So, when a fan showed her his tattoo that contained lyrics from one of her songs, it was an eye-opening moment.

Carly Pearce Talks About an ‘Amazing’ Fan Interaction

According to Big Machine Label Group, Carly Pearce once met a fan who had some of her lyrics tattooed on him. More specifically, he had lines from “It Won’t Always Be Like This” off of her 2020 self-titled album inked on his skin.

That’s a powerful song. In it, Carly Pearce looks back on her younger self and offers some advice. The song’s title is also its refrain and core statement. It’s a reminder that things change and to keep pushing through hard times and savor the good times.

It seems that the fan in question didn’t just show Carly Pearce his ink. He also shared the story behind it. While Pearce didn’t tell BMLG the fan’s story, it is obvious that he used her lyrics to get through hard times. “That was crazy,” she said of the interaction and the tattoo. “And for him to be vulnerable enough to tell me his story of addiction and that he overcame that, it’s powerful and to see that, it was really amazing.”

It was more than a touching interaction for Carly Pearce, though. More than that, it was an eye-opening experience. “It just shows me the power of music and we can change lives with lyrics,” she said about what she took away from the exchange.

Pearce Shares Her Story in Song

Carly Pearce has shared her life story with her listeners through her music. Most recently, she shared a hard chapter of her life in 29: Written in Stone. The songs on that record dive deep into the pain, anger, grief, and healing that came from her short-lived marriage and the death of a good friend.

Her current single “What He Didn’t Do” is an excellent example of the healing she experienced after her divorce. In the song, Pearce shows that her ex gave her a checklist for what her future partner will do: all the things he didn’t do.