Carrie Underwood Shares Behind-the-Scenes Look at Guns N’ Roses Concert Appearance

by Lauren Boisvert

On July 1, Carrie Underwood joined Guns ‘N Roses on stage in London to perform a couple of songs with the band. She and Axl Rose sang “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City” together. This performance came after Axl Rose performed with Underwood during her set at the Stagecoach Festival. It seems like the country music star and the legendary rock band have forged a new friendship.

For the July 1 show, she posted a few snaps on Instagram, captioning them, “Together again… but this time in London and with a few more friends! Thanks Guns N’ Roses and your crew for welcoming me into your world like family. And thanks to all the fans who gave these legends the royal welcome that they deserve!”

She also shared a few other epic photos from the London show on her social media. Now, she’s shared some behind-the-scenes shots from that night, featuring her getting ready backstage in her killer leather-and-chainmail outfit. No look would be complete without a leather jacket painted with Guns ‘N Roses imagery, and that’s just what she showed off in the last photo.

Overall, it looks like it was a night to remember, not only for fans, but for Carrie Underwood as well. Back in 2015, she shared that she’d always wanted to sing with Guns ‘N Roses, and at Stagecoach, she got her wish. Now, she and the band have become fast friends; who knows, maybe there will be a collaboration album in the future?

Carrie Underwood Discusses ‘Ghost Story,’ Clarifies How it’s Different from Her Other Revenge Songs

When Carrie Underwood’s “Ghost Story” came out, I immediately branded it as “another Carrie Underwood revenge song”; but, not in a bad way. I compared it to “Before He Cheats” and “Two Black Cadillacs,” two of my favorite Underwood songs, but, really, it’s so much more than any of her other revenge songs.

Speaking on the CMT series Hit Story, Underwood talked about “Ghost Story” and how different it really is from her other work. “I feel like ‘Ghost Story’ is different from kind of revenge type songs,” she began.  “My character has just moved on. There is no revenge in a physical way. You’re not going back and destroying anybody’s property. You’re not doing anything like that. You’ve moved on and that’s kind of the best revenge. Moving on with your life and letting go and seeing what else is out there that might be even better. The other person just can’t do that.”

In all honesty, if you want to compare revenge songs, her new song “She Don’t Know” is like a grown-up “Before He Cheats.” In this case, it’s similar to “Ghost Story” as well; there’s no physical revenge, no destruction of property like in “Before He Cheats.” The way the character is getting revenge now is by destroying something intangible: their relationship.