Carrie Underwood Fans Still Can’t Get Enough of Her ‘Tonight Show’ Performance Outfit

by Joe Rutland

It might not take Carrie Underwood fans a lot to get excited over their favorite performer singing on The Tonight Show. But her recent appearance there was drawing some rave reviews. Underwood is out promoting her latest album, Denim & Rhinestones. On the show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Underwood sang Pink Champagne off of it.

She looked like a million dollars in a pair of shorts with layered chains. Underwood also had the pink imagery going as you can see in the video of her singing. Talk about having some good effects for her time on there. Pink is the color of choice for Underwood on this night. So, let’s all sit back and watch her sing in this three-plus-minute video.

As we said, fans were digging the performance. “I love this song” and “I love this album!!” were some fan reactions. Another one said, “As a fan I feel this is also the album Carrie has always been wanting to make and you can see and hear that.” Carrie Underwood knows what her fans like and always looks to deliver. Denim & Rhinestones is out and available for purchase.

Carrie Underwood Performed With Guns N’ Roses on Their Tour

The country music artist has developed quite a fan base and following on social media. In fact, Underwood has more than 11.6 million followers on Instagram. That’s a big number and it’ll continue to grow for the one-time American Idol winner. Recently, Underwood was spotted on stage but not in the United States.

She happened to be over in the United Kingdom and hopped up to perform with Guns N’ Roses on their tour. Again, she did not disappoint during her songs. Carrie Underwood performed Sweet Child O’ Mine and Paradise City alongside Gunners frontman Axl Rose. In dropping some snaps from her time with them on Instagram, she wrote, “Together again… but this time in London and with a few more friends! Thanks Guns N’ Roses and your crew for welcoming me into your world like family. And thanks to all the fans who gave these legends the royal welcome that they deserve!” Rose popped up to sing with Underwood at the Stagecoach Festival. Now, she was returning the favor.

So, Underwood is quite proud of her sons Isaiah and Jacob. But their musical taste leaves little to be desired. She’s not a fan and said they have “terrible taste in music.” Underwood talked about it in an interview with Audacy. She said that Isaiah would watch Power Rangers and wanted Mom to play one of their songs in the car. “We went through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles songs,” Underwood said. “Just things that he would see on TV. The kids have terrible taste in music.”