Chris Lane’s Wife Lauren Bushnell Speaks on Her ‘Concern’ Following Recent Pregnancy Diagnosis

by TK Sanders

Country music singer Chris Lane and wife Lauren Bushnell Lane shared some details about their pregnancy ahead of baby number two. The couple just recently announced that their second child is due this October, and then immediately afterwards Lauren took to social media to give some more clarity to the situation.

“The first 13 weeks-ish [of pregnancy] were way worse this time around. I just feel like I was way sicker, I threw up a lot more often, hence the hospital visit. Thankfully now I am feeling so much better,” she said in a video on her Instagram story. “I was recently diagnosed with something called marginal cord insertion. I was incredibly stressed out when my doctor told me that but I’m trying to stay optimistic.”

The Bachelor alum said that the diagnosis requires more monitoring; but that her baby is healthy, as reported by People Magazine.

“The baby is very healthy, measuring great — measuring a little bit big if anything,” she said. Lauren also shares one-year-old son Dutton Walker with husband Chris Lane.

Marginal cord insertion, as she explains, is when the “umbilical cord attaches to the edge of the placenta versus the middle.”

A normal attachment allows the growing baby to easily receive all of the necessary nutrients and blood flow. “So the concern is that when [the umbilical cord] attaches to the edge, especially later in pregnancy, it can sometimes cause the baby to not get all the nutrients it needs, so it just needs extra monitoring,” says Bushnell Lane. “I need to go every four weeks for an ultrasound. It’s not super uncommon.”

Chris and Lauren Lane married in October 2019

Lauren did admit that while the diagnosis came as a surprise, the bigger surprise was getting pregnant again this fast.

“We had planned on having at least two kids, so we’re very thankful that it was able to happen for us, even if it wasn’t necessarily on our exact timing. We’re both just incredibly excited,” she said.

Chris Lane, who is touring fairs and festivals this summer in promotion of his hit song “Big, Big Plans,” said having kids with Lauren brought them even closer than he “thought was possible.”

“We make a great team,” he said.

Lane most recently released the song “Dancin’ in the Moonlight,” a duet with Lauren Alaina that riffs off the popular 1972 King Harvest song.

“I’m excited to play music alongside one of the most talented, fun people, Lauren Alaina,” Lane said in a release. “The first time I heard this take on ‘Dancin’ In The Moonlight,’ it was a demo I kept listening to on repeat. It sounds like summer to me. And it feels like the kind of song you want to put on when you’re on the boat, at a bonfire, grilling, or hanging with the people you love. I love the classic feel it has, and I love that I get to share it with my second-favorite Lauren. Can’t wait for you to hear it, and to perform it all summer long!”