Clay Walker Opens Up About Managing His Multiple Sclerosis on the Road

by Blake Ells

Clay Walker was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996. The disease never really affected Walker’s studio production, as Rumor Has It was released the following year. It was his fourth studio album. Texas to Tennessee is his latest. It was released in 2021. It was his 11th.

The disease did change the way Clay Walker approached the road. A successful treatment plan and healthy lifestyle have allowed him to continue a successful career.

The “Live Until I Die” singer did have a recent attack on the road.

“A couple of years ago, I had my first attack in a lot of years,” Walker told Country Now. “It was what they call a sensory attack and I couldn’t feel anything below my chest; it was a really tough time. It was a dark time. A scary time.”

A proper diet and exercise have helped Walker maintain his touring schedule. He used to take a daily shot.

“I used to take a shot every day,” he said. “I switched to a medication called Ocrevus, which was something that my doctor had recommended because of the reduced amount of attacks that they saw with the medication. It’s great that medications continue to improve. And I’m the benefactor of that. It’s a lot easier than taking a shot every day.”

Life on the Road for Clay Walker

In order to manage his schedule, his bus is prepared.

“We keep the bus stocked with things we need to stay healthy,” he said. “We also keep what we call the T-Rex. It’s the apparatus that we hook to the outside of the trailers and we’ll do all kinds of stretches and pull-ups and presses. It’s just a great, versatile piece of equipment to stay in shape.”

He’s navigated the disease for nearly 30 years, and he attributes that to developing healthy routines.

“I gotta say that I have a lot of mobility and I’m thankful and blessed for that,” he said.

Clay Walker has toured recently with another 90s country star, Tracy Lawrence. He’s on several festival lineups this summer. This weekend, he’s at Country Jam USA in Wisconsin and Hannibal BBQ Festival in Missouri. He’s at KIX on Beale Street in Memphis on July 28. Clay Walker joins a couple of state and county fairs this summer, too. Among the states on that circuit are Iowa, Montana and California. He plays Country Thunder Alberta north of the border in August, then he sweeps into Texas a couple of weeks later to perform at the legendary Floores Country Store in Helotes.

Walker meets back up with Lawrence for a string of dates in November. The first is in Norfolk, Va. on November 3. The duo will wrap in Macon, Ga. on November 12. To see all of Clay Walker’s 2022 tour dates and for ticket information, visit his website.