Cody Jinks Is Set to Send ‘Loud and Heavy’ to Country Radio

by Jonathan Howard

If you frequent country music radio, you might hear a Cody Jinks hit from…2015? It’s true, “Loud and Heavy” is coming to the airwaves. While Jinks isn’t one to make the radio rounds often, it appears that he’s going to buck his usual ways and try and get some play. His last single, “Like a Hurricane” wasn’t super successful on the radio. Could that change with this latest move?

If he isn’t going to get attention with a new song, maybe he can get some attention for a song that’s already garnered success? It’s a bold move that could work in his favor, or not, as Saving Country Music noted. Even the most radio-pilled country music fan has heard one or two songs from Jinks.

“Loud and Heavy” is the perfect song to choose if you’re going to do something like this. Certified Platinum, the album Adobe Sessions is Certified Gold. It has hundreds of millions of streams and plays online. The song is a hit! So, will it succeed as a radio single? That remains to be seen, but you just have to love this move from Jinks.

You can call it alt, Americana, country, whatever you want to call it. What it is, is good music. It would really be perplexing to see this song not doing well, but who knows in the end. The versatile singer-songwriter just loves to play music and doesn’t really mind all that other stuff.

Do you think if Cody Jinks cared about plays and charts that he would also dedicate as much time as he does to his heavy metal project? This man just likes to make music and for that, we appreciate him. And if you don’t usually listen to the radio, maybe tune in and see if you hear him or not.

Cody Jinks Does Get Love on One Chart

If you are looking to see how Cody Jinks is performing, perhaps take a peek at the Americana Music Association charts. When Jinks put out Mercy in 2021, it wasn’t an immediate hit. However, after a few months into 2022, things changed. Jinks was able to get his record up to the top 5. Back in April is when his album peaked on the charts and considering the names ahead of him it was quite an accomplishment.

Competing against folks like Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers, and Ray Wylie Hubbard – it isn’t bad to finish 5th. There’s been some great music released this year and hopefully, we have some more on the way throughout the summer and the fall.

While Cody Jinks doesn’t get the radio love that he probably deserves, I think he’s doing just fine. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry, touring, and more – Jinks has a lot to be happy about. And, his fans have a ton of great music to listen to. Maybe share it with your friends and he’ll get some more radio play.