Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson Celebrate ‘Never Say Never’ Topping the Charts

by Blake Ells

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson celebrated their number one hit “Never Say Never” in Nashville recently. BMI and ASCAP held a number one party for the duet. Swindell co-wrote the song with Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill.

The song is the eleventh number one that Swindell has achieved as an artist, but it’s the twelfth he’s had as a songwriter. Because long before Swindell was an artist, he was writing songs. The folks at the party knew that.

“Before [Cole] was ever an artist, he was a songwriter,” said BMI’s Mason Hunter. “He’s always going to be a songwriter. That’s why we love him so much. He lives these songs and fights for the best songs.”

During the party, we also got a little peek at the process behind “Never Say Never.” The hit was written on a bus trip in October of 2018.

“There was no doubt that this was a great song that deserved special attention,” said Rusty Gaston of Sony Music Publishing. “One day in a conversation between Anna Weisband and Cole, they planted the seed that Lainey Wilson was the perfect person to join this song. When she came aboard, it came to life.”

But the sky is the limit for Cole Swindell. Gaston noted as much.

“This town hasn’t even begun to see what Cole Swindell is capable of achieving,” he said. “This song, this album, his current single [‘She Had Me at Heads Carolina’] – which is the hottest song in country music – he is making game-changing music that is going to impact this genre for decades and decades to come.”

Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson Made a Hit

The two singers took the stage to celebrate their song. Lainey Wilson shared an extreme admiration of Swindell.

“I think it’s important that people like Cole, who has been there and done that, shows the rest of the world, ‘I believe in this girl. Maybe you should, too,'” she said. “I don’t take that lightly, I don’t take it for granted and I can’t wait to do that for somebody else.”

Cole Swindell stepped up at the end. The 39-year-old Georgia native was humbled.

“I moved here to write songs,” he said. “I’m always going to be proud to be called a songwriter. No matter what happens with the rest of it.”

The past year has really changed everything for Swindell, he noted. Stereotype sent his career into a different stratosphere. Before he was an artist himself, Cole Swindell wrote a pile of songs for folks like Luke Bryan. He also penned songs for Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett. He signed his songwriting deal with Sony back in 2010. The sky has been the limit since then.