Country Musician Suffers Gruesome Injuries After Being Brutally Attacked

by Shelby Scott

Back in May, a California country musician named Jason Lawless suffered a brutal attack that left him with horrifyingly intense injuries. Now, weeks following the attack, the artist’s best friend, Jaqueline Jacobs, is speaking out about the extent of his injuries.

Per her statement on Lawless’s GoFundMe page, the country music artist “met with the most violent amount of force anyone could imagine.” She claimed his attackers beat him “within an inch of his life.”

According to PopCulture, per Jacobs’ account, Jason Lawless, known simply as Jay among his friends, “has sustained an unknown amount of brain damage and current brain bleeding due to the blunt force trauma to the frontal lobe (forehead).”

In addition, she said both of Jason Lawless’s eye sockets have been shattered in the front and in the back. He suffered a broken jaw and nose as well as broken cheekbones, ribs, fingers, and knuckles. And that’s not even the worst of it.

As per the outlet, nearly all of Lawless’s teeth were knocked out during the attack; he also sustained a bruised lumbar and cervical spine. Finally, the amount of damage to his lungs remains unknown.

Amazingly, despite the extent of his injuries, Lawless still managed to get back to his house. Upon arriving, the country musician’s mother called 911, with EMS rushing him to the hospital.

Authorities Struggling to Investigate Jason Lawless’s Attack Amid His Recovery

Following the attack, which took place on May 27th, authorities immediately launched an investigation. However, their efforts to unravel the details remain hampered as Jason Lawless’ injuries are so great that Jacobs said he could not even communicate during his first three weeks in the hospital.

As per the outlet, Westminster’s police department is heading the investigation. As of June 16th, Detective Henry Tran said details of the crime remain unknown. Deputy Chief Cameron Knauerhaze stated the attack potentially took place between the 5500 block of Garden Grove Boulevard and the 13000 block of Springdale Street.

“Somebody knows something and must have the courage to come forward and help us investigate this case,” Knauerhaze said. “Mr. Lawless has a long road to recovery ahead and he deserves justice in this case. Any bit of information can help.”

Since arriving at the hospital at the end of May, Jaqueline Jacobs revealed Jason Lawless has undergone mouth reconstruction surgery. He currently still has rubber bands in his mouth and an IV in his arm. Weeks after initiating recovery, she also stated her friend “has begun talking words that we can understand.” In addition, he endures daily occupational, physical, and speech therapy. He has also begun to get up and walk with assistance. Another of the musician’s friends stated on Facebook that while Lawless isn’t in critical condition anymore, he is in “very rough shame.”