Country Star Randy Houser Slams Delta Airlines After Trouble With Flights

by Blake Ells

Randy Houser is unhappy with Delta Airlines after travel issues on Friday morning. It seems that he and his bags can’t find themselves in the same city at the same time.

“@Delta Spent an entire day waiting in Detroit yesterday after you delayed, rebooked and left for Milwaukee only to be turned back to Detroit. Finally get to Milwaukee and my bags are still in Detroit last night. It’s almost comical at this point,” Houser began his tweet storm.

He continued, “Madison. They sent to Milwaukee after I told em that I’m not gonna be in Milwaukee. I even request which flight to put them on so I could have them this morning.”

Rightfully, he’s pretty fired up. One fan tried to calm him down.

“Still put on a hell of a show last night! Rocking flip flops and all. Haha,” the show goer replied.

“This has been a [expletive]. Sorry I was late. Refer to @Delta,” Houser explained.

It looks like Twitter is still safe for Randy Houser. He recently swore off ever exploring TikTok.

“I do like making movies and all that, but there’s enough on our plates to be able to create music and then al of a sudden you gotta be a TikTok star for any of that to count? No,” he said. “That’s not true. That’s a bunch of [expletive] you’re getting sold because your label is too lazy to make you a star of get your music done. They’re trying to take the easy way out and press you to do something else. Sorry.”

Randy Houser on the Road

Hopefully Randy Houser’s bags find him before he lands in Nebraska on Saturday. His next stop is in Wayne at the Wayne County Fair. He continues on festival bills and at state fairs throughout the summer. After his visit to Nebraska, he’ll head to Helena, Mont. for the Last Chance Stampede on July 27. A slew of festival dates are ahead including the Rockin’ River Music Fest and Sunset Country Music Fest north of the border. There’s also Features Fest in Wisconsin and Mahomet Music Festival in Illinois happening in August. The fair circuit takes Houser everywhere from DuQuoin, Ill. to Bishop, Calif.

This fall, he’ll continue through arenas and sheds. He’s at Mandalay Bay Beach in Las Vegas, Nev. on September 4. He’ll make a big sweep through Texas, hitting Lubbock, Waco, Katy, San Antonio and Fort Worth. He’ll also make a run through Florida, hitting Fort Myers, Tampa and St. Augustine. The tour ends on December 3 in Tulsa. Check out all the dates and get ticket information at his website.