Cyndi Lauper’s Son Arrested for Being in Stolen Car

by Megan Molseed

Declyn Lauper, the son of music legend Cyndi Lauper, is facing some big charges. This comes as he was recently taken into custody by the New York Police department for the unauthorized use of a vehicle. Declyn’s arrest comes after New York City police officers discovered the 24-year-old musician in the driver’s seat of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle in question is a Mercedes, which officers learned was reported as stolen prior to Lauper’s arrest.

Cyndi Lauper’s Son Rapper Declyn Lauper Finds Himself In Hot Water After He Is Found Sitting In The Driver’s Seat Of A Stolen Mercedes

According to a recent TMZ report, the New York City police department reports the arrest of Cyndi Lauper’s son, Declyn Lauper. This arrest which has led to felony charges occurred late last week. After officers discovered Declyn’s connection to the stolen vehicle.

The rapper was taken into custody by police on Thursday, July 14. Reports note that the officers ran the plates of the vehicle in a routine check. However, officers quickly learned the plates on the Mercedes are connected to a different vehicle. A quick check of the VIN number found on the Mercedes was reported stolen two years ago.

Declyn “Dex” Lauper Charged With Felony For The ‘Unauthorized Use Of A Vehicle’

Lauper was taken into custody when the routine checks revealed that the vehicle he was sitting inside had been reported stolen years prior. Lauper, who boasts a strong Instagram following of about 2 million followers, was booked on a felony charge – the unauthorized use of a vehicle.

The rapper posted about the incident. Lauper includes brief clips that he says depict his recent arrest. TMZ reports that he was given a desk appearance ticket. Ordering the defendant’s return for a court date.

Cyndi Lauper Opens Up About Son Declyn’s Choice To Follow Her Footsteps Into The Music Business

Declyn Lauper is the son of one of the most iconic people in the music business. So it’s not entirely surprising that he is choosing to follow his mother into the business. In fact, the “True Colors” singer has said she has long supported her son’s interest in music.

It certainly helps that Declyn’s father, David Thornton, is also a musician. He, along with Lauper, is vocally supportive of their son’s dreams to make it into the music industry.

“All I can say is that he is my best friend,” Cyndi Lauper has said of her husband.

“He’s wildly creative,” the pop star continues.

“And I just wanted to share my whole life with him,” she adds.