Darius Rucker Wears Iconic Band’s Shirt on Stage, Gets Special Shoutout From Famous Rocker

by Joe Rutland

Darius Rucker loves rock music even if most people associate him with country music these days, but he’s not hiding his love for one band. Rucker, who was famously the front man for Hootie & the Blowfish, appeared on stage recently wearing a T-shirt. But it was not just any old shirt. Oh no, this one reflected Rucker’s love for the rock band KISS.

Gene Simmons, KISS’ famed bassist, decided to share a picture of Rucker in his shirt. It got some love from the fire-breathing Simmons, too. “My buddy, Darius Rucker @dariusrucker. Lookin’ good.” is what Simmons wrote on Twitter. Hey, it didn’t get past Rucker’s eyes, either. “Got to love when a friend who just happens to be a friggin LEGEND gives u some love!!” Rucker writes. “Would not be here if @kiss didn’t inspire me.”

Singer Darius Rucker Has A Lot of Love For Rock Band KISS

Aw, that’s so cool. KISS has had songs like Beth, Shout It Out Loud, Detroit Rock City, and others in the rock music world over the decades. Obviously, their music touched Rucker’s heart and played a role in leading him into the world of playing music for a living.

One fan writes in response, “Saw KISS last summer in Ridgefield, WA, then two weeks later you Darius, what a great run of concerts!!!” Another fan says, “Awesome great band too love kiss :) but I love your music more”. There you go. Sharing the love for an iconic rock music band and Darius Rucker himself. These fans probably are watching to see when Rucker might visit their town. He’s got a summer tour going down. But Rucker also is a fan of another rock band, the Rolling Stones. He wore a T-shirt with the famed Stones’ logo on it at the CMA Awards Show.

Meanwhile, Rucker is revealing the secrets of putting on a great show. “My goal every night is to have somebody really want to see me and come see me and go, ‘Oh, I gotta see that again,'” he told E! Online in an interview. “It sounds funny or cheesy or cliché or something but almost every night, there’s a moment where I’m looking at the band or I’m looking at the screen or I see somebody in the audience that I know and I just go, ‘Holy s–t,'” Rucker said. “I’m really getting to do this, the only thing I’ve wanted to do my entire life. I’m 55 and I’m still able to do it.” 

Back in June, his Darius & Friends concert and his golf tournament raised more than $500,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Others appearing at the concert were Sheryl Crow, Lindsay Ell, Sara Evans, Caylee Hammack, and Rachel Wammack.