David Crosby Speaks Out About Being ‘Too Old’ to Tour Anymore

by Tia Bailey

Singer-songwriter David Crosby is known for being a founder member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, as well as his solo career. Crosby recently declared that he will not be touring anymore due to his age.

The 80-year-old folk rocker posted a link to “Anything At All” by Crosby, Stills & Nash. He quote-tweeted his own tweet, saying: “This should be the theme music for “Ask Croz” if we actually get to do it ….I sure hope we do …..would be fun”.

A fan responded asking about possible tour dates from the artist. Crosby quote-tweeted this and said: “I think I’m too old to tour any more ….sadly”.

Fans responded by suggesting the singer do a residency somewhere close to him. One Twitter user said: “I’m seeing Nash in concert tonight. Dylan continues to tour to praise. It’s not age, it’s the ability and willingness to get out there. Heck, look what Joni just accomplished after recovering from a brain aneurysm.” Others rushed to the comments to defend Crosby, telling the user behind the tweet to not judge and be more thoughtful before tweeting without knowing someone’s situation.

According to Variety, the last live show Crosby played was on September 17, 2019, at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. He opened for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.

One fan took the time to look back fondly on the time he had seen the star live. He said: “Listened to your tune Capitol this morning on the way to work. Brought up great memories of seeing the CPR band in ‘17. Magical night. Will never forget it. So thankful to have seen you, David”.

David Crosby No Longer Touring Due to Age

Although the one comment compared Crosby’s situation to Joni Mitchell, Crosby earlier showed his support for the star. Mitchell performed at the Newport Folk Festival at the end of July, making it one of her first public appearances since her health spiraled in 2015. This was her first performance of this scale in nearly 2 decades.

Crosby quote tweeted photos of Mitchell during the performance, saying: “Made me happy ……big happy …..”

He also tweeted at Brandi Carlisle, who was the driving force behind Mitchell’s surprise performance at the festival. He wrote: “Brandi I hope you read this ….you are a brave and wonderful soul …this was a truly great thing to have done ….not easy …but you have a good heart ….and she could tell …and so was opened and brought forth …made brave herself ….anything I can ever do for you …I’ll do”.

Although Crosby deems himself too old to tour, he is clearly still supporting his other fellow artists who decide to perform in public still. Crosby’s latest album was released in July of last year.