David Lee Roth Drops New Van Halen Tribute Song ‘Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Then Anyway’

by Tia Bailey

American rock singer David Lee Roth is a Van Halen alum. However, he recently decided to drop a song about his former band. Roth dropped the song “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Then Anyway,” a Van Halen tribute song.

The former Van Halen lead singer recorded the song back in 2007, and the song reveals nostalgia that he felt towards the band through very specific lyrics. The song immediately recalls a memory with the first verse: “We laughed, we cried/ We threw the television off that balcony/ That memory means so much to me.”

Roth was a part of Van Halen (first called Mammoth) from 1972-1984. He began his solo career in 1985-present day, with the exception of a few songs with Van Halen in 2001 for a brief reunion. Even with the time apart, it is clear from the song that he had great memories with the band.

He later sings: “Remember when you safety-pinned the tablecloth to my pants/ And I stood up to the sound of dancing and the sound of our romance beginning/ Kicked out the restaurant to make the night complete/ Six-pack and a Happy Meal on a park bench down the street.”

Roth tweeted the link to the song.

Fans of David Lee Roth and Van Halen crowded the comments, wondering if this could result in a reunion or tribute show. Twitter user @Music_Mentor replied: “Dave – you know what would be a great encore to this cool song release? An announcement that an EVH tribute show is ON! C’mon Dave, give me a break. Everybody Wants Some. It’ll be the most anticipated, biggest Rock event of the year. What a platform for you! Do a solid for the fans.”

David Lee Roth Releases Van Halen Tribute Song

Roth recorded “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Then Anyway” with guitarist John 5 and former Gregg Bissonnette (original drummer for David Lee Roth band). In an article published by Guitar World in 2012, John 5 told the publication: “Ever since then we’ve been really good friends. And here’s something I don’t think really anyone knows: Dave and I have about 12 or 13 songs in the can for a future record. And it’s all acoustic. But not strummy, campfire stuff — I’m talking lots of cool, crazy jazz chords, and 50 or 60 overdubbed guitar tracks, with all this harmonizing and other weird stuff going on.”

Although John 5 stated that the songs could be for a future album, fans haven’t heard anything else regarding it. However, his description of acoustic and harmonizing was proven true with “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Then Anyway.” The nostalgic song is available to listen to now, and we can only hope to hear the rest of the record at some point soon.