Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight Respond After Being Mistaken for Each Other at US Open

by Joe Rutland

Singers Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight are known by people all over the world for their music except for someone at the U.S. Open. In case you did not hear, both singers happened to be involved in an on-air mishap. No, neither one of them is ill or near death. Thank goodness! Nope, the video mishap happened to involve a little misidentification.

See, both Warwick and Knight were present during Serena Williams’ second-round match on Wednesday night. Williams played and eventually beat Anett Kontaveit before losing Friday night in her third-round match. Well, it was during Wednesday night’s telecast and Chandra Rubin and her co-commentator were talking about the match itself.

Questlove Sticks Up For Dionne Warwick

Cameras, according to Entertainment Weekly, would then show a shot of Warwick watching the action from her seat. Well, the commentators say, “Gladys Knight! Hello!” Wait a minute. They could not have gotten Warwick and Knight mixed up, could they? Yep, it happened. And like we said, both were there in New York City to see Serena play in the U.S. Open.

Once the mishap happened, fans of both singers were letting the world know about it. One reaction would come from Questlove, who went on his Instagram account, showed the clip, and wrote, “Not like this. Dionne Warwick people!!!!! DIONNE WARWICK!!!!!” Luckily, at least for the commentators, Warwick and Knight both took to Twitter and had a little fun with the situation.

Warwick, Gladys Knight Speak Out After Mishap

Warwick, who has appeared on The Masked Singer, wrote, “Hi, I’m Gladys Knight… and instead of taking that midnight train to Georgia, I won’t walk on by but will say a little prayer for you.” Talk about some musical juxtaposition here. Warwick references Midnight Train to Georgia from Gladys Knight and the Pips back in 1973. She pops in a couple of references to her hit songs, Walk On By and I Say A Little Prayer.

Knight, for her part, didn’t seem to mind being compared to Warwick at all. She wrote on Twitter, “Dionne and I have been sisters for a long time and I hope she is as honored to be mistaken for me as I would be her. I’m sure it was an honest mistake. It was a blessing to be in the house to see Serena’s greatness.” Both singers might be a little older these days, but we did learn one thing about this matter. They do have fans and they are not going to be letting anyone get away with errors like this one. Warwick and Knight have earned their rightful places as respected singers and musicians. Keep an eye out and see if any more miscommunications happen at the U.S. Open.