Dolly Parton Got an Absolute Kick Out of Jimmy Fallon Trying on Her ‘Twin’ Wig: VIDEO

by Clayton Edwards

When it comes to Dolly Parton, there is a lot to love. She’s a uniquely gifted songwriter, a country music legend, a philanthropist, and an all-around fashion icon. However, one of the greatest things about Dolly is her sense of humor. Over the years, she’s been able to take on just about anything with a bright smile and infectious laughter. Recently, Dolly posted a video on her official Instagram that truly encapsulates her sense of humor.

Last night, Dolly Parton posted a throwback video from her 2014 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In the clip, Fallon has a wig on the desk and jokes that it looks like Dolly’s “twin sister.” Instead of taking it as a slight, Parton gets a good laugh out of it. Then, she takes the joke a step further. Laughing, Dolly says, “That’s my twin!”

Then, Dolly Parton keeps the laughs going by telling Fallon, “You should put it on!” For a moment, Fallon lays his head on his desk. However, a little more urging from Parton and the cheers of the crowd push him to try on the platinum blonde wig.

“I think you have a smaller head than me,” Fallon says as he turns away from the camera to work the wig over his head. Maybe the best part of the video comes when Dolly Parton, laughing hysterically, says, “I can’t believe he’s doing it!”

“You look cool!” Dolly exclaimed when Jimmy turned around to give her and the crowd the big reveal. Years later, it seems that Dolly Parton is still getting a kick out of how the talk show host looked in the wig. In the video’s caption, she said, “What do y’all think of Jimmy Fallon’s new hairdo? I kinda like it!”

To be fair, seeing Fallon in a Dolly Parton wig is hilarious. It’s hard not to draw a comparison between Fallon and Dana Carvey’s character Garth from Wayne’s World. They’re having such a good time that it seems fitting to say, “Party on, Jimmy.”

Dolly Parton Has a Crush on Jimmy Fallon

Dolly Parton once said that she loves doing late-night talk shows. “Sometimes, you never know who you’re gonna connect with,” Dolly said. “I’ve always had good luck with late-night guys, you know? I always had a nice relationship with David Letterman and with Johnny Carson.”

Dolly went on to say, “There’s something about late-night people that kinda hits my fancy and I hit theirs somehow. I guess it’s ‘cause you feel like you can be more free late at night. You don’t have to worry about what you say.”

She may have gotten along well with other late-night talk show hosts, but Jimmy Fallon is a little different. “Well, I have a crush on Jimmy Fallon… I think he is precious. He’s so funny. We get along so good.”