Dolly Parton Once Recalled Her Cold Relationship With Bob Dylan: ‘He’s a Weird Buckaroo’

by Samantha Whidden

Although both she and Bob Dylan have long-running successful music careers, Dolly Parton once opened up about her “cold” relationship with the fellow singer and songwriter. 

According to Far Out Magazine, Dolly Parton said the relationship between her and Dylan was pretty nonexistent. “I’ve met him a few times, but I never felt any warmth from him to me,” she stated. “I think I have offended somehow by the way I look or the way I was. I love his music but he’s a weird buckaroo. I don’t feel like we ever connected.”

Dolly Parton then said maybe he thought she was “too phony” for the iconic singer and songwriter or he didn’t get to know her too well. “I always loved his music,” Parton said praising Dylan. “His mind is so deep, but his melodies are so good. They lend themselves so well to harmonies. I’ve even thought about making an album called ‘Dolly Does Dylan,’ but I think that sounds too close to ‘Debbie Does Dallas!’”

While she doesn’t have a relationship with Dylan, Dolly Parton has covered a few of his songs. They are “Knocking on Heaven’s Door,” “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” and “Blowin’ in the Wind.” 

Dolly Parton allegedly invited Dylan to join her on her rendition of “Blowin’ in the Wild” for her 2005 album “Those Were the Days.” However, Dylan apparently declined. When she asked Dylan son’s Jakob to fill in for his father, he also declined. 

Dolly Parton Opens Up About Meeting Jack White and Jane Fonda

Along with discussing her interactions with Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton revealed details about meeting Jack White and Jane Fonda for the first time.

While speaking about White, Dolly Parton recalled, “Jack was at the same restaurant as me. We thought we’d order everything so we’d know what to order the next time we went. Jack was there and he picked up our tab! I never felt so bad in my life because that bill must have been outrageous.”

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton describes Fonda, who became one of her closest friends, as being profound. “She has a really, really huge heart, and she’s really smart and deeply spiritual.”

In regards to her thoughts about herself, Dolly Parton said that while she looks artificial, she’s totally real. “People can see that. They forgive me for being gaudy. They forgive me for not being stylist.”

Parton added that people also forgive her for not being as smart as some educated people may be. “People see me. I want them to know me. I’m not bashful.”

Parton’s music career spans over 60 years. The singer and songwriter has a total of 52 studio albums, 222 compilation albums, and nine live albums.