Dolly Parton Talks About the Importance of Investing in Her Dollywood Employees

by Clayton Edwards

Calling Dolly Parton a country music icon is a massive understatement. While it is true, her music career was just the springboard for all her other endeavors. At this point, Dolly is just an all-around icon. She’s acted in films like Steel Magnolias, she co-penned a novel with James Patterson, and more importantly, she’s out there every day setting a good example. Truly, the thing that sets Dolly apart from the rest of the country music world is her big generous heart.

Dolly Parton has shown her big heart in several ways over the years. For instance, her Imagination Library gives free books to kids across the country. Dolly started the charity in hopes that it would boost literacy in children. More recently, Dolly donated a million dollars to COVID vaccine research. However, Dolly goes all-out when it comes to her Dollywood employees and the community that she calls home.

Back in February, we learned that Dollywood would pay 100% of college tuition for its employees. Additionally, the theme park assists its employees with housing and other things.  

Earlier this year, Dolly Parton sat down with Josh Smith of Johnson City, Tennessee’s WJHL News Channel 11. During their chat, Dolly discussed why she feels investing in her Dollywood employees is important.

Dolly Parton on Why She Invests in Her Dollywood Employees

When Josh Smith asked Dolly Parton why she made it a priority to do so much for her employees she had a simple answer. “We love our employees,” she exclaimed. Dolly added that most of the people who work for her want to remain in the Sevier County area. “A lot of them have been here for so many years. We want to give them encouragement to stay, especially the younger ones.”

About those younger employees, Dolly Parton said, “We want to give them a chance to have an education… We’re encouraging them to learn about things that they can come back to the park and maybe have a higher position. Whether they’re learning about culinary things or marketing or management – any of that stuff.”

That’s great to hear. However, Dolly Parton isn’t stopping there. She went on to say that they give encourage Dollywood employees to go out and be a light in the world. About that, Dolly said, “We’re doing great things. We even pay them to go out into the communities to do great things to help other people.”

All of this, Dolly said, makes the Dollywood team feel more like a family. “We’re so family-oriented here at Dollywood and this just gives people a chance to feel like they’re really part of it. It’s great for the community and it’s great for the people.”