‘American Idol’s Scotty McCreery Reveals His Top Elvis Presley Songs

by Samantha Whidden

While promoting his single “Damn Strait,” the “American Idol” star Scotty McCreery made an appearance on “The Bobby Bones Show” and chatted about one of his favorite musicians, Elvis Presley.

As he spoke about his relationship with his wife, Gabi McCreery, Scotty stated that the song that reminds him of their love is Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” because it was their first dance song.

When asked if he saw the Elvis Presley movie yet, Scotty McCreery answered, “Dude, I just watched it last night. It was incredible. If you really want to do Elvis, I don’t think it can be just so straightforward. Like, ‘Walk the Line’ or something. I mean, Elvis was, in my mind, one of the unique characters that ever come through planet Earth.”

Scotty McCreery then praised Elvis actor Austin Butler by stating the actor came as close as anyone can to really portray the music icon. While revealing which songs of Presley’s are his favorites, McCreery stated along with the first dance song, “That’s Alright Mama,” “Suspicious Minds,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” and “Hound Dog.”

Along with discussing Elvis, Scotty McCreery opened up about becoming a father for the first time. He and his Gabi announced the news late last month during an interview with People. “We’ve gotten to live a lot of life and do some cool things,” McCreery explained. “So seems like now’s a good time to settle down a little and expand the family.”

Scotty McCreery further explained that he and Gabi always wanted to have children. “But we always knew we wanted the first few years to travel and have time on the road, to see things and experience life.”

Scotty McCreery Says ‘Damn Strait’ Helped Him Grow Closer to George Strait 

Earlier this year, Scotty McCreery spoke to Taste of Country about how his latest track, “Damn Strait” helped him grow closer to country music superstar George Strait

“George is George,” Scotty McCreery explained. “He doesn’t have to do anything, you know? He’s the King, But man, he saw [the song] and wrote back to us separately, like, ‘Man, I love it. Thanks for the tribute.’ And then he tweeted it out. I loved all that.”

When asked if a new version of “Damn Strait” would feature George Strait, McCreery shared, “It’d be awesome. I don’t know how much he’s doing that kind of kind of stuff. But it would be cool. He’d have to be somewhat cursing himself! But I think he could do it in a cool manner.”

McCreery went on to add that Strait is not just a peer to him, but also one of his idols. “I do not have the King’s number,” the “American Idol” star admitted with a laugh after being asked if he and Strait have texted each other before. “But maybe this song will do that. Maybe.”