Elvis Presley Streaming Channel Officially Goes Live: What to Know

by Samantha Whidden

Big news, Elvis Presley fans! a 24-hour free streaming channel dedicated to The King of Rock and Roll has officially gone live. Here is what you need to know about the channel.

According to Variety, the Elvis Presley Channel is now available on platforms in the U.S. It offers a “continuous, linear” free stream of the music legend’s concerts, documentaries, specials, and movies. It will also offer other lifestyle and entertainment programming as well. 

The channel is notably operated by Cinedigm, which has a partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises and Authentic Brands Group. Erika Opeka, Chief Strategy Officer and President of Cinedigm issued a statement about the channel. “It’s about honoring Elvis and the brand,” Opeka stated. “And doing it in a big way. Elvis Presley is an iconic performer whose global appeal transcends across generations and a diverse range of fans.”

The Elvis Channel also does feature two 12-hour blocks of content. Cinedigm will reportedly “refresh” the programming on the channel each month to feature 175 hours of Elvis and Elvis-adjacent material. “The Elvis fandom is incredibly passionate, and when it comes to serving enthusiastic fan bases, no one does it better than Cinedigm,” Matt Abruzzo, Senior Director of Brand Management for Entertainment at ABG, which owns Elvis Presley Enterprises, revealed. 

Meanwhile, Variety reports that with the new Elvis Presley Channel, Cinedigm is expanding its portfolio of free and subscription streaming channels that focus on fandoms. Other channels also included under Cinedigm include AsianCrush, Bloody Disgusting, Screambox, Comedy Dynamics, CONtv, Dove Channel, Docurama, El Rey Network, Fandor, and the Country Network.

The Elvis Channel Debuts as The King’s Biopic Hit Theaters 

Meanwhile, Cinedigm’s Elvis Presley Channel debuts following the release of Baz Luhrmann’s biopic “Elvis,” which stars Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.  

While speaking to Collider, Hanks opened up about how he prepared for the emotional scenes of the biopic. You are aware that this thing is going to be coming up and you corral all the emotional sheep slowly over the course of it.”

Hanks then said that actors have to be committed to film forever the “emotional spine” of the movie. “There’s no substitute for going there. But if you have gotten over the fear of making the movie in the first place, which you do I think in the first three days of the movie. The first three days of the movies are chaos.”

While speaking about his role as Colonel Tom Parker, Hanks said his character was a promoter and not a manager. The actor described the character as not having an artistic thought in his body. He went on to add, “He didn’t care what Elvis sang on stage. He cared about the reaction of the audience.”