‘Fancy Like’ Singer Walker Hayes Might Open a Fancy Applebee’s in Nashville

by Shelby Scott

If you tune in to country music radio, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard Walker Hayes hit single “Fancy Like.” However, before it peaked on radio stations nationwide last summer, spotlighting the American restaurant chain Applebee’s in its lyrics, the fun tune originally went viral on TikTok. The song originally garnered a massive following on the social media platform. Now, a year later, Walker Hayes is considering opening his own fancy Applebee’s on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Eater Nashville, Walker Hayes made a recent podcast appearance where he spoke about a handful of different subjects. Per the outlet, Hayes originally appeared on the platform to promote his newest single “Y’all Life,” which is another kind of ode to ’90s kids. The first came just a few years ago when he released his popular single, “90’s Country.”

While on the podcast, Walker Hayes said there was “talk of us for real opening [an Applebee’s] down on Broadway in Nashville. Like a ‘Fancy Like’ Applebee’s.”

Additionally, if the 42-year-old country star does decide to move forward with plans for his own version of the chain restaurant, Eater Nashville reports he would face little competition. Currently, there’s just one Applebee’s location in Music City. The iconic American city’s only Applebee’s is located on Thompson Lane in Berry Hill.

Walker Hayes Flashes His Own Applebee’s Gold Card

Walker Hayes isn’t just considering opening his own Applebee’s in honor of his hit single. A post he shared in June reveals that he and his wife Laney really are genuine fans of the restaurant.

About two months ago, the couple celebrated their anniversary, and where else would they celebrate but Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar? In celebration of their special day, the famous couple posted a humorous video from their Applebee’s booth. Check it out below.

While the video highlights the couple’s love for the chain restaurant, Walker Hayes also sweetly noted his adoration for Laney. In the clip, he said, “I love me some Laney. She’s my best friend. Even when we’re fighting.” About their quarrels, he said, “We had a fight this weekend, and I was like, ‘Man, still my best friend.'”

During their date, the “AA” singer not only featured his favorite bar and grill, but he also flashed his gold card—which, per this Outsider article, isn’t actually a thing. The company’s website makes no mention of a gold card and while they offered one to senior citizens in the past, the practice was discontinued in 2012.

That said, there aren’t many people who have drawn as much attention to Applebee’s—or its Oreo shake—the way that Walker Hayes has.