Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett Releases New Single ‘Long, Long Year’

by Alex Falls

Chris Shiflett, Foo Fighters guitarist, released an all-new single titled “Long, Long Year.” And on Thursday the musician released a lyric video for the new track.

Shiflett might be known for rocking the stage with the Foo Fighters. But his other work is heavily influenced by his love of country music. He spoke to Consequence of Sound about the new song and said it was inspired after the lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After spending most of my adult life making records and touring. Always with a jam-packed schedule that stretches out for months or years in front of ya. All of a sudden I found myself, like everyone else, grounded at home. After a couple months stressing on wiping down groceries and being scared to leave the house, I found refuge in my studio and started strumming a lot of guitar and working up new tunes. Every day once my kids were fed and on the remote learning, I’d head over to my studio and sit by myself and just see what came to mind.”

Shiflett said he did not want to write a song specifically about the pandemic. But he had the idea for the chorus and decided to work it into “a sad love song.” The guitarist said this song’s vibe grew out of “isolation, loneliness, and missing normal life.”

Chris Shiflett’s Inspiration

Shiflett recorded the new song in Nashville with Grammy Award-winning producer Vance Powell. The producer brought together a veritable supergroup with bassist Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs, drummer Julian Doro of Eagles of Death Metal, keyboardist Mike Webb, steel guitarist Luke Schneider and mandolinist/harmony vocalist Sierra Hull.

“Julian, Jack, Mike, and Luke were great,” Shiflett said. “And as usual putting a song into the hands of a bunch of other players took it on twists and turns that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. It’s one of my favorite parts of making records.”

While the song has something of a country tinge, Shiflett said he was mostly inspired by other bands like the Foo Fighters who hit it big in the 90s.

“I don’t really remember specifically any other music that I was listening to when I wrote this tune. But overall the vibe in my head was pretty 90s,” Shifflet said. “Like 90s soft alt-pop roots or something. I’m not sure that’s a real category. Just felt like something that maybe would have been on the radio in 1997.”

“Long, Long Year” is the first of two standalone singles Shiflett will release this year. “Born & Raised” is the second and it’s due out later this year. Although he hopes a full-length solo album will come in the future.