Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit Marries for the Fourth Time

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly four years after filing for divorce with his third wife, Kseniya Beryazina, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has reportedly married for the fourth time. 

According to TMZ, Fred Durst’s marriage records reveals that he married Arles Durst in Los Angeles country recently. However, the long-time musician’s marriage records that were obtained by the media outlet do not reveal when the wedding took place. This is due to the actual marriage certificate being confidential. 

TMZ further revealed that Fred Durst and Arles have been together for at least a few months. He brought his new lady on stage during a show in Pennsylvania and they slowed dance together to “Careless Whisper.” 

Along with saying “I Do” to Fred Durst recently, Arles has changed her last name on Instagram to Durst and the profile description reads, “Mrs. D.” 

Prior to Beryazina, Fred Durst was married to Esther Navarov for three months and Rachel Tergesen for three years. His longest marriage was with Beryazina, to who he was married from 2012 until they filed for divorce in September 2018. Their divorce was finalized in 2019. He and Tegersen share a daughter Adriana while he and former girlfriend Jennifer Thayer share a daughter Dallas. 

Director of Netflix’s New Documentary ‘Trainwreck’ Shows Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit During Woodstock ’99 Chaos 

In the new Netflix documentary, “Trainwreck,” viewers got a closer look at the chaos that unfolded during Woodstock ’99. It also included scenes from Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit’s performance. 

According to Newsweek, the documentary showed Fred Durst encouraging the Woodstock ’99 attendees to “let all the negative energy out.” He also said it’s time to bring “positive energy into this mother—er.”

While it seemed like positive encouragement, the crowd began acting even more crazy. Some attendees began climbing the sound tower, while others ended up crowd-surfacing on plywood fences. “Aggressive” mosh-pits were also formed among the crowd. 

Upon walking off the stage of the big event, Fred Durst is heard saying, “It’s not our fault, that’s all I can say.”

Woodstock ’99 promoter Josh Schur as well as the media at the time blamed Fred Durst for inciting the attendees. However, there were multiple riots at the event one day prior to Limp Bizkit’s performance. 

Fred Durst spoke about the performance in 2019 to Variety. “Limp Bizkit is an easy target to bring it on. It’s easy to point the finger and blame [us], but they hired us for what we do – and all we did is what we do. I would turn the finger and point it back to the people that hired us.”

Schur also had some thoughts about Limp Bizkit’s frontman personally. “Fred Durst, who, if I haven’t said enough times, is a complete a—hole.. a moron. He was completely out of his mind.”

Korn’s Jonathan Davis spoke out against Schur’s criticism. “I think Bizkit is being blamed for it because they were the heavy band… I don’t think it was their f—in’ fault.”