Gavin Rossdale Shares Rare Photo With His Four Kids

by Blake Ells

Gavin Rossdale is spending quality time with the whole family. The 56-year-old Bush frontman snapped a photo with his entire blended family in Los Angeles, and he shared the rare snapshot to social media. Check it out below.

“Welcome to my world. the best few weeks at home with my better versions of me. oh the joy they bring. and yes there’s chewy bottom left. and our superhero apollo. my love is indeed ocean sized,” Gavin Rossdale captioned the post.

He’s shown in the photo with his daughter, Daisy Lowe who is 33. His sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo are also pictured. Rossdale shares his three boys with ex-wife Gwen Stefani. Daisy Lowe is the daughter of Rossdale and London fashion designer Pearl Lowe. Lowe’s birth came from a one-night stand. While Rossdale was named her godfather, his fatherhood was not proven until 2004. He was hesitant to take a paternity test, but eventually relented. It seems that Daisy Lowe is embracing her younger half-brothers.

“Always the best being with you all,” Lowe responded to the post.

What’s New With Gavin Rossdale?

Bush is still going strong. The British rock band released its eighth studio album in 2020, The Kingdom. They reissued Golden State last year in honor of its 20th anniversary. They are part of Atlantic Concert for Earth this weekend, which also features performances by Black Eyed Peas, Stone Temple Pilots, Nicole Scherzinger, Mod Sun, Gabriela and Pitbull. Then they’ll headline a tour into the fall that will mostly visit amphitheaters. It begins on August 6 at Spirit Lake Casino in St. Michael, N.D.

They’ll hit some scenic spots along the way, like Hayden Homes Amphitheater in Bend, Ore. on August 31 and Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, Calif. on September 5. The tour sweeps through the South on the back end, with stops in Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, Charlotte and Bristow. Check out all of the dates and get ticket information at Bush’s website.

The “Other” Parents

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani divorced in 2016. Stefani needed a Catholic annulment to marry her current husband, country music star Blake Shelton. Shelton quickly took to being a stepfather to Stefani’s three boys. On Father’s Day, she paid tribute to their relationship. The image she shared shows Shelton making the whole crew laugh. The two fathers in Kingston, Zuma and Apollo’s lives couldn’t be more different. But the kids seem to adjust well to the contrast. Ada, Oklahoma (Shelton’s hometown) is a long way from Marylebone, London, England (Rossdale’s hometown). A little culture can’t hurt, nor can eating baked beans three meals a day.

Now if we can just get that Bush collaboration with Shelton.