George Michael’s Descent Into Drug Abuse Revealed

by Megan Molseed

Pop icon George Michael was one of the hottest singers in the world during his heyday in the 1980s and 1990s. However, the music star’s fame began to ebb and flow over the years as Michael’s life took some tragic twists and turns.

Bits and pieces of this descent into drug abuse have been documented over the years. Especially in the years leading to the singer’s untimely 2016 death. However, now, with the release of a new book titled George Michael: A Life, fans are getting a deeper understanding of the struggles Groege Michael went through over the years.

A New Biography Discusses George Michael’s Struggle With Substance Abuse In the Years Leading Up To The Singer’s Death

The upcoming biography details how the Freedom star’s final years were filled with a dangerous descent into drug use. The author, James, Gavin details George Michael’s use of multiple substances, including GHB, a substance commonly referred to as “the date rape drug.”

“He slept until mid-afternoon,” James Gavin explains in the upcoming book.

“Then stayed high on pot for almost every waking moment,” the author continues in the biography.

“He sat at his computer playing video games, binge-watched TV, arranged GHB-fueled trysts,” Gavin continues.

“For Michael GHB seemed heaven-sent,” the author adds.

The Upcoming Biography Details Michael’s Growing Dependance On A Variety Of Substances, Primarily GHB

According to Gavin, George Michaels’ drug use became more dangerous as he spiraled into a depression. The substance abuse, the author says, gave the singer a sort of “confidence.”

“It made a depressed and self-loathing man feel attractive,” the author says of Michael in the upcoming biography.

“It brought joy where there was little,” he adds. “GHB gave him confidence.” But, Gavin continues in the book, this drug use also brought George Michael further down into a “frightening new level of self-destruction.”

“GHB is more addictive than meth,” Gavin explains. “And riskier in all varieties.”

Friends Begged George Michael To Enter Rehab

Shortly after George Michael finished his 25 Live Tour in 2008, George Michael fell deeper into his dangerous drug use. Furthermore, Michael faced multiple legal troubles related to his substance abuse; even losing his license at one point.

The Careless Whisper singer was dealing with regular panic attacks and health issues in the following years. In the spring of 2014, George Michael was found unconscious in his bathtub due to a drug overdose. He entered rehab in Switzerland, shortly after.

George Michael left rehab in 2016, however, the singer returned to his old habits not long after his return. Additionally, his GHB use lead to cravings for fatty foods, which ultimately resulted in an unhealthy weight gain and liver disease. George Michael was found dead on Christmas day, 2016 in his home. The cause of death is listed as heart disease and a fatty liver.