George Strait Featured in Epic National Cowboy Day Video: ‘Cowboy Is a State of Mind’

by Suzanne Halliburton

There’s no better way to salute National Cowboy Day than having George Strait, the king of country music, kick off the celebration.

Strait posted a video created by Wrangler Jeans to salute all the cowboys and cowgirls around the world. The video featured rodeo stars and well-known cowboys. And it gives us some of the highlights of the cowboy code.

George Strait started it off with “What’s it mean to be a cowboy? Well, that’s a good question. I think it comes down to the things that really matter.” Then we hear some of their words to live and thrive by:

Pay attention to things that really matter, like family. Or, when you get bucked off, you pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Here’s another good one: never, never make excuses. And, integrity matters, pride matters. How about “a cowboy, or a cowgirl, is not afraid to get her hands dirty.”

“A little hard work never hurt anybody.” Or “you don’t have to be from Texas or Montana to be a cowboy.” Plus, being a cowboy isn’t about wearing a certain hat.

Then the video circles back to George Strait, who says “Hey, being a cowboy is a state of mind.”

And about that George Strait cowboy commercial. Wrangler VP of global marketing Holly Wheeler said her company” is a testament to the grit and bravery of the American West.

“And staying true to our heritage helps us continue to honor the cowboy spirit that lives in everyone. National Day of the Cowboy allows us to highlight where Wrangler came from, what its core values are and how it is bringing western influence into the mainstream spotlight while still supporting the legacy of the authentic modern-day cowboy.”

Want to Hear George Strait Live? He’ll be in Kansas City in a Week

Now, let’s talk about that Texas cowboy known as George Strait. Earlier this month, he padded his platinum and golden stats from the RIAA. The Recording Industry Association gave him 18 new certifications.

RIAA declared three George Strait songs as double platinum. Those were “Give It All We Got Tonight,” “Troubadour” and “Carrying Your Love with Me.” Six songs, including “Love Without End, Amen,” reached platinum status. And the RIAA certified nine songs as gold. You can read more Outsider coverage here.

Meanwhile, the 70-year-old George Strait still is entertaining fans with his music. He started the year with an amazing concert alongside Willie Nelson to open the new Moody Center in Austin. Plus, it was Willie’s 89th birthday.

In a week, he’ll be singing from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Mo. Then on Nov. 18-19. he’ll be in Fort Worth for two nights of shows. He’ll finish the year in Las Vegas, with shows on Dec. 2-3.