Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum Says He ‘Knocked Out Dave Coulier’ at John Stamos’ Wedding

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Global Green)

Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum made himself an unwelcomed guest at John Stamos’ wedding after he “knocked out Dave Coulier” while in a blind, drunken rage.

The rock and roll music phenom and his then-girlfriend attended Stamos’ 1998 wedding to Rebecca Romijn at the Beverly Hills Hotel, according to his memoir Double Talkin’ Jive. And all was going well until Coulier invited Sorum to an after-party at his house.

As soon as he and the other guests arrived, they upped the fun by doing shots in Coulier’s kitchen. And once they were properly liquored up, they started mixing cocktails. Before long, Sorum was completely drunk.

But while he was enjoying himself, he realized that his girlfriend was missing. So, Sorum started searching the house. And once he spotted her, his blood began to boil.

His girlfriend was “naked in the Jacuzzi with three random guys.” And the sight made Matt Sorum completely lose it, which unfortunately put Dave Coulier in the line of fire.

“I grab a flowerpot and throw it toward the pool, hurling a chair in the same direction, a second or two later. The host of the party comes over and tries to calm me down,” wrote Sorum. “But it’s like my entire being has been reduced to a mix of anger and despair — the guy doesn’t even have time to put his hand on my shoulder before I’ve knocked him out.”

After Knocking Out Dave Coulier, Matt Sorum Ended up Naked on the Street

Matt Sorum was, of course, unwelcome after knocking out the Full House star. And while he doesn’t have clear memories of what came next, he does know that someone tossed him on the street—and he was somehow in his birthday suit.

“I alternate between sweating and freezing,” Sorum continued. “And at some point, it dawns on me that I’m naked.”

From there, the clothes-less rocker managed to hail a cab, get to his girlfriend’s house, scale her fence, break into the house, find some clothes, and pay the driver.

“Then I go back inside and break everything I can find,” he admitted. “My girlfriend has come home by this point. Somewhere in the distance, I can hear her shouting.”

After the second outburst, Matt Sorum blacked out again. And when he came to, he was greeted by two cops holdings guns in his face.

The eventful night ended with Sorum sharing the local drunk tank with a toothless and “disheveled” old man.

“Hey, rock star,” he remembers the man saying…”How’s it feel to be down here in the gutter with us crackheads?”