Gwen Stefani Stuns in New Pics Ahead of Sunday’s Indycar Pre-Race Concert

by Joe Rutland

Gwen Stefani knows how to make an impression and these photos are some good ones ahead of her concert on Sunday. Nope, it’s not at an arena or indoor stadium. Stefani will be the pre-race concert entertainment at the Indycar race at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa. Take a look at these sweet snaps she shared with the world on her Twitter account on Saturday. They might just take your breath away.

Some fans were adding their comments after seeing these photos. A couple of them might even be in Newton to see her concert. One writes, “Cant wait! Just saw all the dancers. they’re on my flight”. Another one said, “OMG SEE YOU TOMORROW!!” In case you did not know, Stefani will be back as a judge on The Voice alongside her husband, Blake Shelton, for Season 22.

Gwen Stefani At One Time Didn’t Know About Blake Shelton

Did you also know that, at first, Gwen Stefani had no idea who Shelton was at all? That’s hard to believe as the couple shares their love for one another as well as music, too. Shelton has made his name in country music while Stefani has more of a pop and rock background. She would talk about when she started to “get” why fans love Shelton.

“I didn’t know Blake,” she said in an interview on From Apple Music With Love. “I didn’t even know that he existed as a human, let alone an artist. One of my nannies was like ‘Oh, he’s so hot.’ I was like, ‘He is? Really? OK, I can see that.’ And the more I watched the show, the more I could see ‘Wow, he’s funny, he’s tall.’ I started to get it.”

Meanwhile, Stefani has a charitable side to her and she showed it back in November 2021. Upon finishing a three-year residency in Las Vegas, the singer donated a large check to Las Vegas nonprofit Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. It totaled $185,000. Upon making her donation, Stefani said, “To actually be able to help children is just something I never thought I’d be able to do, and through music, here I am. It’s incredible.”

For pop and rock music fans, you know that her voice can be heard in the music of No Doubt. A lot of the band’s music runs on channels devoted to ’90s alternative songs. Her style is uniquely Gwen. Fans who get a chance to see her at the pre-race concert on Sunday will see it all before their eyes. Lately, Stefani has been catching some heat for her “Light My Fire” music video. It is a collaboration between Stefani, rapper Sean Paul, and singer Shenseea.