How TikTok Introduced This George Strait Classic to a Younger Audience

by Clayton Edwards

It’s no secret that 90s country music is making a comeback. Artists like Cole Swindell, Lauren Alaina, and Walker Hayes have paid tribute to the formative era in their lyrics. At the same time, country singers like Joshua Hedley are working to revive the style that made 90s country great. Additionally, social media is giving some 90s artists a boost in popularity. Acts like Clay Walker, Randy Travis, and Brooks & Dunn saw spikes in interest when their songs hit TikTok. Now, the popular social media app is making George Strait’s 1997 classic “Carrying Your Love with Me” a viral sensation.

For many country music fans, this George Strait classic never went out of heavy rotation. When he released the song as the second single from his 17th studio album Carrying Your Love with Me, it climbed to the top of the charts. All these years later, it still lands among the best of Strait’s massive catalog. Recently, a new audience found this late-90s gem through TikTok.

More specifically, they’re finding George Strait’s classic after hearing a new hip-hop/pop-country song that samples Strait’s classic for its chorus. West Virginian up-and-comer David Morris has built a following across several social media platforms and his song “Carrying Your Love” is making a huge splash with his audience. Fans of the song have used it in hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos. The song even sparked a new trend on the platform in which users show how they’re carrying love with them, according to The Boot.

Check out Morris’ “Carrying Your Love” below. It’s…something else.

George Strait Fans React to “Carrying Your Love”

One TikTok user encompassed the feelings of many George Strait fans in his post. The song plays in the video with text that reads “This is the only acceptable version of this song. I can’t believe the king was disrespected so much with that abomination of a song.”


♬ Carrying Your Love With Me – George Strait

Additionally, many TikTok users are taking part in the trend sparked by Morris’ song but are choosing to include George Strait’s version instead.

@allisonruettiger #lucylou #fyp #foryou #ShowUrGrillSkillz ♬ Carrying Your Love With Me – George Strait

According to The Boot, David Morris is a fan of George Strait. He used the sample in his song as a tribute to the King. “I grew up listening to King George,” Morris wrote in a statement about the official video of his song. “So many of his songs hold a special place in my heart. But, ‘Carrying Your Love with Me’ in particular has always been a favorite. I’m from West Virginia and I live in Tennessee now, so you can understand why.”

Additionally, Morris noted that he went through the proper legal channels to use the sample in his song. He went on to add that Jeff Stevens and Steve Bogard – the writers of the original song – gave him their “blessing” to release the song. They’ll also receive royalties from Morris’ release as well as writing credits on his upcoming album.