Jake Owen Posts Awesome Reaction to Huge Career Milestone: ‘Holy Frickin’ Cow’

by Alex Falls

Current country music sensation Jake Owen is riding on a career high right now. This week Owen claimed his 10th number 1 hit single with “Best Thing Since Backroads” topping the Country Aircheck/Mediabase chart. 

The hitmaker was so excited about the news he could barely contain himself in a loving video message to his social media followers.

“Let’s go! Boys and girls, the #1 song in all the land of country music,” Owen said with tremendous excitement. “Thank you so much, holy frickin’ cow. It’s a Monday and having the #1 song in America is unbelievable. I could not do this first and foremost without the songwriters; you guys wrote an incredible song that’s only elevating my career. I have 10 #1 songs – I can’t even wrap my head around that.”

He continued by saying, “It took me seven years to get my first #1, and to think all these summers later we’re still cranking them out. To the fans – oh my gosh, the fans. You are the best thing since backroads, you have given me this life, I love you guys. You make country music what it is and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

“Best Thing Since Backroads” was co-written by Ben Johnson, Jordan Minton, Hunter Phelps and Geoff Warburton. Owen made sure to give them the credit for the song’s success in his video message. Produced by Joey Moi, the infectious country love song was an instant hit with 85 country stations making the song a staple in the first week of release.

Owen’s Backroads of Life

“Best Thing Since Backroads” is infused with Owen’s signature country/rock sound. The song finds the country hitmaker comparing his lover to a ride down a country road. 

The release of the song also came with an accompanying music video. Owen takes to the road in a video filled with the kind of imagery you’d expect from the tender song.

“You’re the best thing since backroads, baby/ Pedal to the metal with the windows down/ Sunshine setting on a cross that saved me/ Hanging from a rearview in red dirt clouds/ Two-lane heaven’s one hell f a view/ But it ain’t got nothing on you/ Driving this good old country boy crazy/ You’re the best thing since back roads, baby,” he sings on the chorus. 

The road is full of happiness for Jake Owen right now. In addition to another hit new song, he’s also celebrating his sobriety. He posted an inspirational message to his more than 1 million followers to note the journey never ends down the backroads of life.

“317 days ago I embarrassed myself after drinking too much alcohol one night. It wasn’t the first time either. The next day I told myself, ‘never again.’ I am better than that, and the people I love the most deserve better. My family, my little girls, and my friends. Just wanted to share my journey in case anyone woke up this morning and wants to make a change. None of us are perfect. I’m just trying to be the best version of myself these days.”