Jake Owen Reveals He’s 10 Months Sober

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (July 29th), country music singer and songwriter Jake Owen took to his Instagram to celebrate a special personal milestone – nearly a year of sobriety. 

“317 days ago I embarrassed myself after drinking too much alcohol one night,” Jake Owen declared in the social media post. He also noted it wasn’t the first time he had done that. “The next day I told myself, ‘never agin.’ I am better than that, and the people I love the most deserve better. My family, my little girls, and my friends.”

Jake Owen then shared that he wanted to share his own sobriety journey in case anyone woke up and wanted to amen some changes to their lives. “None of us are perfect… I’m just trying to be the best version of myself these days.”

The sobriety post comes just one day after Jake Owen posted a special message to his social media followers. “What I’m trying to tell you this morning is, is that somebody out there loves you,” Owen stated. “And I know you love someone, too. And I’m a little sentimental and emotional this morning.”

Jake Owen said his daughter, Pearl, was preparing to leave for the summer and go back to school. This explained why he was emotional. “I just want you all to know how much I love you,” he continued. “How much I appreciate you…”

Owen further encouraged his social media followers to call someone today and express their love.  “Everybody deserves to hear from someone how much they’re loved and appreciated. And I appreciate you guys and I love you, and I’m very grateful for this life I get to live. Thanks for all of y’all… Be kind to people, tell them you love them, and it’s summertime, baby, get out there in the sunshine.”

Jake Owen Previously Said He Was ‘Cutting Back’ on the Amount of Alcohol He Drinks 

While speaking to CMT’s Cody Alan in 2016, Jake Owen spoke about how he was planning to cut back on the amount of alcohol he was consuming at the time. “I’ve gotten to where I just realized that when I do drink, bad things happen,” Jake Owen explained. “I think once you realize that, you just kind of have to be a smart man and do what’s best for you.”

At the time, Jake Owen stated he wasn’t planning on quitting drinking. He then said he didn’t remember the last time he even drank. “I ain’t saying I quit drinking, but I don’t remember the last time I drank.”

Meanwhile, Jake Owen said he was really comfortable where he was in life at that point with his then-wife Lacey. He also described his family as the greatest.