Jason Aldean Captures His Son and ‘Beautiful’ Wife ‘Rockin Out’ at His Concert

by Samantha Whidden

Making his latest concert a family affair, country music superstar Jason Aldean shared a snapshot of his son and wife, Brittany Aldean, as they rocked out at his Cheyenne Frontier Days performance in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

“Lil Man and his beautiful mama rockin’ out at the show last nite,” Jason Aldean declared in his latest Instagram post. He also used the hashtag #futurerockstar.

Jason Aldean is currently on his Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour, which kicked off in early July. The tour is featuring special guests Gabby Barrett, John Morgan, and Dee Jay Silver. It also spans 34 cities. 

Jason Aldean previously spoke about his 2022 tour. “I’m ready to get back out and feel the nights come alive. We are already thinking about the setlist… There will be some songs off the new record like ‘Rock And Roll Cowboy,’ which felt like a great tour name because it’s all about knowing you belong on the road.”

Stops on the tour include Charlotte, North Carolina; Omaha, Nebraska; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Chicago, Illinois. 

Jason Aldean Shares Details About His Tenth Studio Album ‘Macon, Georgia’ 

Earlier this spring, Jason Aldean opened up about his tenth studio album, “Macon, Georgia,” which features 30 tracks. The country music singer and songwriter notably began working on the project in 2020 and was inspired by Guns N’ Roses’ 1991 album “Use Your Illusion.”

“When I think of double albums, I think of that record,” Jason Aldean stated about the Guns N’ Roses album. “Even if you look at like our album covers, it’s kind of similar to what GNR did on their album, the different-colored albums.”

Aldean then recalled getting both of the albums and listening to them. “Having all these really cool songs – and GNR only did that double album one time. That definitely had a part in it.”

Also speaking about his fans and their reactions to the album, Jason Aldean stated, “They want music more often. They have access to so much music that they get an album all at once, then they burn through it in a couple of weeks and are like, ‘Well, what’s next?’ Or, by the time they get to track 30, they might not remember what track 10 was.” 

Meanwhile, Jason Aldean discusses working with longtime producer Michael Knox on their tenth project together. “He was the one that found me, brought me to town, taught me everything about this business,” Aldean stated. He went on to add, “He spent hours in the studio, working with me and teaching me things. At first, he was much more like a mentor, and now, he’s like a big brother and collaborator.”