Jason Aldean Reacts To Viral Hometown Mural: ‘I Don’t Wanna Offend the Artist But…’

by Clayton Edwards

Jason Aldean has been on a hot streak since late last year. The first installment of his double-album Macon, Georgia dropped last November. The second half hit shelves and streaming services in April. Since then, Aldean has topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart twice. First, he logged a number-one with “If I Didn’t Love You” a duet with Carrie Underwood. Then, he landed a second chart-topper with “Trouble With a Heartache.” Currently, his new single “That’s What Tequila Does” is climbing the charts.

When Macon dropped back in 2021, Jason Aldean explained why he named his double album after his hometown. “Where you are raised has such a big influence on who you become, and for me, it’s no different, especially from a music standpoint,” he said. “My little hometown of Macon, Georgia was heavily instrumental in my musical background.” As a result, he wanted to pay homage to the town that helped shape him as a man and an artist.

Earlier this week, someone in Macon, Georgia decided to pay tribute to Jason Aldean with a mural. The portrait of Macon’s own country star quickly went viral. However, it wasn’t because it was an excellent photorealistic likeness. In fact, the consensus is that it’s… not great. Check it out below.

Jason Aldean Reacts to His Hometown Mural

While the denizens of the internet had their fun at the artist’s (and Aldean’s) expense, the country star stayed quiet. That is until the hosts of Big D and Bubba asked him about it earlier today.

The radio hosts had to know if Jason Aldean had seen the mural yet. “Yeah, I saw it,” he said, not sounding excited to talk about the portrait. He admitted that he had “no idea” who commissioned or painted the picture of him. But, he did say that he saw it pop up all over social media. Then, it hit his inbox.

“My dad sent it to me,” Jason Aldean said, “and he’s like ‘This is cool. They just kind of did you dirty,’” the “Big Green Tractor” singer said with a laugh. However, he didn’t want to lay harsh criticism on the person who painted it.

 “I don’t want to offend the artist,” Aldean said, “because, like I said, I do appreciate the gesture, but I’m like, gosh man!”

The radio hosts continued ribbing Jason Aldean about the mural. One said that it looked like a “parody photo” that someone at Disney or the county fair. The other host joked, “I can’t tell if you’re Beavis or Butthead,” which is the comparison that many people on the internet have drawn.

To be fair, the mural does look like Butthead wearing a cowboy hat in hopes of hooking up with a country girl. “Hey baby, you wanna see my tractor? It’s like, big and green and stuff.”