Jerry Lee Lewis’ Former Teen Bride Breaks Silence on Rock ‘N Roll Icon’s Death

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Jerry Lee Lewis’ teen bride is speaking out following her former husband’s passing on Oct. 28. Lewis had seven wives in his life, but his third is certainly his most notable—Myra Lewis Williams. Williams and Lewis married in 1957. She was his second cousin and only 13.

While speaking to Fox News Digital, the now 78-year-old shared the story of their relationship and how it inevitably destroyed Lewis’ career.

Williams recalled the day that Lewis, who was 22 at the time, asked her to marry him. He had gone to Louisiana for the day and brought back a marriage license. A friend accompanied him to a courthouse there and posed as Williams to sign it.

Williams had no idea that Jerry Lee Lewis had planned the stunt. And when he asked her to stand for a ceremony, she told him that he was “crazy” and her father would “kill him.”

The following day, Lewis asked Williams to go to a movie with him, and she agreed. But instead of heading to a theater, he drove her to a preacher. And with that, she unwittingly became his bride.

“I guess he had it all set up,” she continued. ” I was like a deer caught in headlights. You just stare and wonder, ‘Oh my God, where am I? What’s going on? How is this happening?'”

Myra Lewis Williams and Jerry Lee Lewis kept the union under wraps at first. But eventually, her father discovered the marriage license and charged into Sun Records’ studio, where Lewis worked, yielding a pistol. Whether he intended to hurt Lewis, Williams doesn’t know. But Lewis’ manager ended up talking him down.

Her father ultimately accepted that divorce wasn’t so easy in the 1950s and he dropped the matter. Though she said there was never any real resolution. The public wasn’t willing to accept the relationship, however.

News of the Jerry Lee Lewis Scandal Broke During a European Tour

Williams remembers the day that the world discovered who she was. It was only five months after their secret wedding, and Jerry Lee Lewis was on tour in London. Lewis’ bosses asked him not to take her, but he didn’t listen. And while her husband was busy talking to fans one day, a reporter cornered her and asked her who she was. She admitted that she was his wife, and it quickly unraveled from there.

The European tour was promptly canceled, people stopped buying his records, the radio stations blacklisted him, and Jerry Lee Lewis fell from grace.

Despite the drama, the couple remained married for 13 years and had two children together, a son, Steve, and a daughter Phoebe. Steve tragically died in a drowning accident at only three.

Williams eventually filed for divorce citing abuse and adultery. But they remained on friendly terms while they raised their daughter. Williams has been asked on numerous occasions if she’d marry him again. And she admitted that she doesn’t have an answer.

“That’s the toughest question to answer because it would change everybody’s life – mine, his, our children,” she shared. “It’s the path not taken…. I don’t know…if I had to do it all over again, I’d have to do some things differently. I just don’t know which ones they’d be.”