Jimmie Allen Goes Off on American Airlines for Major Inconvenience: ‘This Is So Dumb’

by Tia Bailey

Country music star Jimmie Allen recently took to Twitter to share about his bad experience with American Airlines.

Allen shared a 2-minute video on Twitter where he spoke about his night dealing with the Airline. Allen begins the video by saying: “American Airlines, didn’t your parents teach you when you were a little kid that communication is key?” Before launching into the story.

He got onto his 2:30 p.m. flight, and said that the people knew at the airlines that the plane was not taking off on time, but failed to inform the passengers.

“All you had to do was just cancel it,” Allen said in the video. “You know, some of us could have hopped on another flight, and flew to another state to get to that destination in Illinois.”

Because the airline refused to communicate the issues with the musician, he was stranded in Pennsylvania and missed his show in Davenport for the Mississippi Valley Fair.

“I’m trying to figure out which departments gonna write me a check,” Allen continued in the video. “And gonna reimburse these fans who paid for a concert that didn’t happen.”

Allen said that his band and crew were in Illinois, and that he still had to pay them. He also stated that he and another man on the plane had looked at a map and found a route they could have taken instead.

Jimmie Allen Angry at American Airlines Due to Lack of Communication

He said that the airline had waited until the last minute to inform passengers about what was happening. They instead kept them waiting on the plane without taking off for two hours. Also, when he was talking about the situation on Instagram live, a girl had commented and said that she went to go grab her luggage at 1:00 and the person working had told her not to bother because the plane wasn’t taking off. This proved that the airlines had known about the situation beforehand, and still neglected to tell the other passengers.

“That happened before we boarded the plane, man!” Allen said.

He then said again to tell him who was going to write them a check. Allen stated he didn’t even care about himself, but for his band and crew who had wives, families, and kids. He also cared about the country music fans who paid for tickets and were left without a concert last minute.

Allen captioned the video “This is so dumb”.

The Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds posted about the cancellation on their Facebook page, informing everyone who had bought a ticket about the situation. As of right now, it looks as though American Airlines has yet to respond to the situation, at least publicly.