Jimmie Allen’s Tour Rider Features This Highly Unusual Item

by Suzanne Halliburton

Jimmie Allen puts some normal requests in his contract tour riders. He lists his water preferences. And he likes a specific kind of sparkling apple juice.

But there are some other bizarrely specific requests for the “Freedom Was a Highway” singer. And they make a lot of sense when the country music star explains why he makes the ask.

Allen asks for size medium American Eagle underwear. The boxers need to be nine inches because he prefers the long style of boxer/briefs. He wants Nike socks. And his preferred dip is Grizzly Wintergreen pouches. And yes, he also wants Pop-Tarts and Honey Bee graham crackers.

So let’s go back to the underwear. Why would Jimmie Allen want new underpants when he hits his dressing room. Don’t you pack those items? Allen told Taste of Country Nights why he needs fresh boxers. It all has to do with what he wears on stage because Allen loves his leather pants

“I like to wear brand new underwear when I go on stage,” he said. “It’s just something that feels good. And I always forget underwear and socks. Always. Those are things you always forget. Last thing I wanna be on stage with leather pants on without underwear. It’s just not comfortable.” So, you can understand, right? It’s about comfort.

Jimmie Allen needs new underwear in his dressing room for when he wears leather pants on stage. He’s seen here with fellow American Idol alum Gabby Barrett, They co-hosted the CMA Awards from Las Vegas with Dolly Parton in March. (Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM)

Jimmie Allen Headlines Own Tour, Then Joins Carrie Underwood in Fall

As for his contractual asks, he says “My rider is chill. When I get to a venue, I leave. I’m gone all day. I’m bowling. (And) I’m either bowling or at a casino.”

Allen’s next concert stop is at Gold Strike Casino Resort in Mississippi. That’s July 8. He released his new album, Tulip Drive, June 24. And he’s playing a variety of venues, including fairgrounds and outdoor festivals through September, for his Down Home Tour. Then in October, he’ll be the special guest on Carrie Underwood’s Denim and Rhinestones tour. Both are American Idol alums, although Underwood was far more successful on the reality singing competition. That tour ends in March, so there’s not much time for Jimmie Allen to shop for underwear and socks, thus the reason for his contract riders.

And Allen wasn’t kidding about going bowling when he’s out on tour. He tweeted a photo of himself, decked out in all his bowling gear, earlier this weekend.

“Out here bowling in my first USBC Championship,: Jimmie Allen posted. PBA Tour, I’m on my way.”